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Shaking in your thumb is called a tremor or twitch.


People living with ALS often experience muscle twitching or fasciculations, as the al from the nerves to the muscles become more disrupted. These are caused by the tips of nerves axons coming into contact with nearby muscles, sending an electrical al which causes the muscle to twitch.

In the beginning the baclofin worked reddit quivering making them more manageable. Now that that no longer works I have found to make them more manageable for me is to make sure I am getting enough carbs through the day. If I just eat protein I feel like I am being shook apart. So in the morning I will start off when I get up with English muffin to start with and my twitching seems to be calmer through the day. I have to manage what I eat or will feel like I am shook apart by the twitching.

I have found that since I have started taking AAKG arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate powder supplement my fasciculations have decreased. My neurologist recommends no more than 20 grams per day as an excessive amount can be detrimental.

Thanks for sharing your experience and solution.

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When I started on Radicava, I noticed a decrease in fasciculations and intensity. An unexpected benefit for me. I had minor muscle twitching in my lower legs during my 1st year… but it has gone away. I personally credit reddit quivering my diet, daily stretching and intentionally moving throughout the day as helping. The difference from my 1st year to now 9 yrs. I do have twitching and some really painful cramps. At the beginning it was only in my tongue but now, almost three years later, I have them in many muscles. I still am active and have very little muscle weakness.

I do not take anything for the cramps but I intend to once my study is over. Mostly I just deal with it. I was on mexilitine which helped some at night but eventually my heart rhythms went crazy and I had to go off it. I have not used baclofen or tizanidin. I have another perspective. Given the cascade of changes and the shock after the diagnose, twitching was the least of my worries.

I kind of ignore them, they come and go.

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I find that the less you dwell on those kind of minor symptoms the better. I have to warn my doctors before they test my reflexes! They are extreme! I am afraid I will hurt them! I have a question about fasciculations. My symptoms started with left leg muscle weakness and numbness in December Right leg also had minor weakness and denervation.

I ended up having minimally invasive back surgery March as all surgeons thought I had nerve compression as my MRI showed spinal stenosis. It was only after surgery did Reddit quivering start to see fasciculations in both legs.

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I thought the fsciculations were my nerves getting better. If so then my my surgery may have been my ALS trigger. Your muscles are simply receiving incomplete als from the brain commanding them to move.

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So, it is important to move every muscle, every day range of motion, stretch, light resistance. ALS sets us up to move less.

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Same day as the diagnosis, I started to have fasciculations in my thighs. Foot slap had started mildly in Sept of Some dysarthria in January of So I had both issues at the concurrently I think. I began having fasciculations in my thighs about a year ago and did not know why. I mentioned it to my general practice doctor and she paid no attention to what I described to her.

Why is my eyelid twitching?

I knew this was new and different for me but because it was intermittent I did not reddit quivering this symptom very important. It was at that time she ordered comprehensive blood tests and the EMG. The of these tests confirmed her suspicion that my symptoms were consistent with ALS. I continue to have fasciculations intermittently throughout the day. I take homeopathic nerve calm tabs and that seems to calm them.

One more thought on fasiculations,spasticity, excess tone and hyper reflexes all of which I have lived with for going on 6 years. My Dr. Muscle relaxers, heart medication which is thought to slow voluntary nerve impulses, and made a mess of my heart rythemeven offers to implant a baclofen pump and boots injections. My response has been no to all.

You don’t have to put up with a thin, shaky voice, says speech-language pathologist jackie gartner-schmidt.

These treatments are palliative and will not retard progression. However difficult coping with all this uncontrollable movement is I feel that it is contributing to the muscle at least staying alive. Meanwhile I am a believer in keep yourself moving as best you can by persuing excercise and daily activity as best you can. I was diagnosed with ALS on March 20, One month later I was experiencing muscle fasciulations. I immediately googled to search for sterching excercises.

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I stretch daily for about 15 minutes upper and lower body and also balance routine. It worked for me and I am taking mg of terumic daily which helps cut down inflammation. In May my neck muscles got weak and I am wearing a brace around my neck.

I have experienced sharp pain in my neck. I take a pain pill before I go to bed to sleep for five hours.

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Have any of you experienced that? What did you do? Hello, I am interested in this topic of fasciculations as that is what alerted the Dr to have my husband tested for ALS. First he had them on and off mostly on his left side starting in January of just turned 50 which he attributed to mild arthritis in his shoulder and his hip replacement he had done 2 years prior.

The fasciculations have intensified to his whole body most of the time.

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I am wondering if this is because we are in Ontario Canada and have a small population they are looking at? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Do you think he is just in the early stages of ALS? I went to Toronto General as well last week. He said clinical and emg were normal. He also said emg can be done to early. I too have twitching from my head to feet and everywhere in between since a year ago. But also lost most of the use of my right hand and developed speech issues prior to the twitching starting.

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The twitching is stronger with exercise and being on my feet all day. I use Magnesium mg daily and just deal with it. Most of my twitching is concentrated in my right arm and hand. Quite a bit of upper body atrophy. So far legs are holding up. Vitamin B1 and B12 seemed to help, so I kept taking those, as well as about 20 other supplements recommended by several sources for neuropathy, which was what all the docs said I had since my first complaint in This is such a weird disease in the reddit quivering it progresses differently for everyone.

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Understanding atrial fibrillation or AFib is key to knowing how to treat it.


Why is my eyelid twitching?


PD starts with the brain cells, called neurons, which control movement.


PD starts with the brain cells, called neurons, which control movement.