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I'm really excited about this sub-reddit. I was just curious if there is any consensus as to what bra sizes are considered small. I hear of sizes like '30DD' and women complaining that their breasts are small, but to me they are huge. I realize a smaller band size means less volume in the cup, I'm just concerned that many women with very average to even large sized breasts consider them small, and where does that leave the rest of us?


My boobs are extremely small.

There are thousands of women who complain that they are completely flat chested, while they have beautiful, smaller breasts. With me, it is not the case. I do have something there, it's not like as if it was a guy's chest -or at least not that much- but I can't even fill the smallest bra size.

What are considered small breasts?

This makes me have absolutely zero self confidence, I am afraid of getting naked in front of anyone, or just generally dating. I am afraid the guy would choose somebody else instead because I am not feminine enough been rejected because of this in the past and been the subject of mean comments.

Otherwise I have a tiny, fit body, and a nice butt. People also say I am a funny and a good conversation partner. Update: Thank you for all the answers. I really appreciate them, and they made me feel much better about myself. However, for those who replied something like "B cups are not even that small" I would like to say that I would be happy with that size, but mines are an AA, and I am sure quite a few of us misunderstood my question.

Thank you again guys and girls:. I don't really know what "extremely small" means but i do know that there are a bunch of subreddits out there that are dedicated to pics of women with very small breasts. She's 5,1 95lbs with A-cups and a tight body. She's absolutely the most attractive woman i've ever met.

And she's the smartest and funniest woman i've ever met.

Tl;DR Most guys don't care that much and lot of guys prefer petite. Half as many people are interested in looking at tiny tits on reddit than there are that are interested in what goes on in here. It's weird to explain to people, and it isn't something you can fully pinpoint, but I find small breasts more attractive. This is spot on. This goes for girls who feel insecure about their weight too. You're not gonna take your clothes off at the end of the day and send someone into a fit of shock.

If you've got small tits or a fat ass it'll be pretty apparent while you're still wearing clothes. I've dated several women with small breasts where their concerns about their breasts were such an issue that it ended up killing the relationship.

It was like they couldn't accept that I was into them. It le to lots of issues from jealousy to not wanting to do things ex: I can't do that, I don't want anyone to see me in a swimsuit. Op, please remember in the end your breasts are just a part of who you are. Please try to accept yourself the way you are. This x Honestly, every girl I've ever dated had some aspect of their body that they were self conscious about, and because they were self conscious about themselves, they assumed I was also critical of their body.

This is total bullshit, and actually saddens me a good bit. I find your low self esteem and abundant self criticism unattractive.

Nice butt? I'm down. Tiny breasts aren't a dealbreaker for me.

Tiny breasts would be a deal breaker if she was not skinny. Like imagine a stomach bigger than the chest Unsexy on men and women but especially women.

Honestly, I don't care too much about breast size. I'd rather them be small and perky than big and saggy.

The fit body and nice butt are much higher on my list of wants. Same here. I'm good with a girl who has a fit body and big booty. My girl talked about her small breasts once, I promptly grabbed her ass while exclaiming, "Babe it's that great ass of yours that drew me to you when I first saw you.

Are really tiny breasts a dealbraker for you? Posted by Female. Sort by: best. This is what OP should focus on.

Also, see username. Continue this thread. I am one.

I bet you do. A part of me wants to find that Your self-esteem is a more ificant problem than your boobs.

Are really tiny breasts a dealbraker for you?

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