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  • Age:
  • 23
  • Where am I from:
  • Nigerian
  • Available for:
  • Generous man
  • Eye tint:
  • Lustrous dark eyes
  • My gender:
  • Woman
  • What is my Sign of the zodiac:
  • Pisces
  • Figure type:
  • I'm quite thin
  • I like piercing:
  • None


Ruksana is a female companion. She can be picked up in the Orc camp northwest of Slinsk and can be Recruited even before you step foot into the port town. Ruksana primarily has banter with Clawyn. Low corruption- Ruksana is a proud Orc and dedicated to helping her clan as well as helping others who need it. She smiles at the sight of both strength and compassion, and is always willing to help free those who are enslaved to another. She also enjoys destroying vile dark magic and its practitioners whenever they meet.


This is a fan made guide to the game Roundscape: Adorevia, created by the Arvus Games team.

The Creators can be found here: Patreon. What are the red marked sections? They are new content from the latest version of the game. Do I need an RTP pack to play? I m stuck in the Loading Screen Move the game to another folder in your HD, don t run it from the Desktop of Downlo folders if the problem persists, use compatibility mode Can I use old saves?

Yes, but only saves created after version 3. If you plan on overwriting the new files in an old folder, copy the saves to a secure location before doing it and move it back after completion. Can I play on Android?

Roundscape adorevia unnoficial game guide

An Android version does not exist at the moment. Can I play on Mac? Yes, Mac version exists and can be found in the downloit is however a few versions behind the windows version. I m experiencing lag while playing. Use the Debug Stone from the inventory, it s a permanent item to fix most common errors.

Otherwise, be sure to have as much memory free as possible, especially on low spec machines. What Gender or Origin should I choose?

In both cases, it s entirely to the opinion of the player, males have slightly more scenes, but when considering the game as a whole, difference is minimal. Why can t I use X equipment? The game has an equipment system that restricts the armors and weapons one can use for each given class. How can activate the room names in the Castle? You can turn on or off that function by using the Labels option in the game menu.

No, because none of the NPCs are engaged to the player, the concept of jealously is very rarely brought up and only in cases the player can roundscape adorevia axe in novos one of the NPCs from engaging in sexual activities with others. Does it have incest? Yes, there are a few scenes containing incest, though a very small portion of the total. Does it have X fetish? Most likely, there s something for almost everyone, see Section 7 for more details. I don t like X fetish; can t I skip it?

Yes, every single scene can be skipped or stopped from happening at all. I found a bug in the game; where should I report it? Bug reports can be sent to the Patreon above or the Arvus Games Discord. Most of the scenes will either be available for one gender or will play differently according to it.

At the moment, the player is able to select between Male and Female Player Characters, each with their unique looks. The dawn rises on another day. Yours is a life of opulence and excess, the child of a noble lord and his wife. Your days are filled with a leisure the likes of the common folk will never understand, with an education that s the envy of many scholars across Adorevia.

Roundscape adorevia [v ]

It is, of course, the preparation for the day when your father passes on his titles and his lands, and you step into the ranks of the continent s elite. For now, however, you are carefree and wistful, knowing nothing of the struggles of life. Starting Perk: Blessed Sex Scenes: Noble Mother is the owner of a sex club in Summeredge and Male players have scenes with her, while females have scenes in the club 9.

From the grates of the sewer system of Summeredge the light manages to peek down at the slums you call home. Born in a ditch from a mother who left you there to die, your family became the urchins and downtrodden of the capital city raising you to be the quick talking and fast acting person you are today.

It s a hard life, but the people who you ve come to call your family have made it tolerable as you all struggle to survive.

Starting Equipment: Thief s Dagger The dawn rises on another day. Streams of sunlight streak in through your window, getting in your eyes and rousing you from your sleep. You are the child of a poor farmer and his wife, first of several siblings, some of who did not survive past the adolescence.

(roundscape adorevia) unnoficial game guideb pdf

Life growing up was not easy, but time among the elements, bringing the harvest, living out in the wilds, and bargaining and haggling with numerous tradesman as left you with a keen understand of the world that few city folk possess. Life is not easy, or kind, but you could not imagine one away from you family. Starting Perk: Metabolism Sex Scenes: Farm Mother is a prostitute in Slinsk, male players and female players have scenes with her and females can also work with her. The sun shines in all its glory on the monastery grounds that you call home.

Left there by your mother when you were just an infant, you have spent years growing up as a ward of the church. It s likely that you ve received a better education than many of the poorest children of Adorevia, but your time with the cenobites has of course left you with a strong religious purpose. Throes who are the only family you know the brother and sister of the monastery have raised you in a stern, disciplined environment, but you cannot say it hasn t done you quite a bit of good. You father was a soldier. His father was a soldier.

And his father was a soldier. When you come of age, you could think of doing nothing else with your own life as well, ing up with the local garrison as soon as you were eligible. Life in the Militia is strict and regimented, but you love the order and purpose that it gives you a reason to get up in the morning and fell proud about what you do. Some days are painfully boring, but you while them away with constant drilling which has hone your skill with all manner of weapons. Can Equip up to medium armor, swords and spears. Skills: Adrenaline Overdrive - 35 TP You dash towards the enemies, dealing normal damage against all enemies.

Roundscape: adorevia

Vicious Opportunity 35TP Stun the target while dealing normal damage. Rewards for Linea s Quest in Oakshire. Can equip medium armor, swords and bows. Requires one round to charge.

Quick Reload 0 You gain 40 TP. Takes one round to charge. Can equip swords, hammers and axes as well as any armor and shield. Works on bosses. Your offensive power is decreased for those three rounds x0. Paladin Rewards for the Paladins Quest in Oakshire.

Can equip heavy armor and large shield, as well as two-handed swords and hammers. Light's Decree 35MP Deals holy damage against the enemies. Can only equip light armor and staffs.

Can only equip general armor, staffs, wands and hammers. Cleansing Waters 35MP Removes Stun, sleep and confusion effects and makes the target immune against them for two rounds. Cascade 35MP Deals medium damage 1.

Female h-scenes

Bone Armor 2 PG The target becomes immortal for three rounds. Can equip light armor, swords and staffs. Heals HP. Can equip swords, daggers, small shields and up to medium armors. Can dual wield, making it one of the highest damage classes. Bought from Felicia. Can equip up to medium armor, daggers and bow.

Roundscape: adorevia

We Will Survive! Devious Blade 75TP Deals heavy damage x1. Can equip bows and up to medium armor.

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If the guide refers to North, South, East, or West it means going to a new area in that direction.


Menu ULMF.


If the guide refers to North, South, East, or West it means going to a new area in that direction.


Ruksana wants to strengthen her place among the orc tribes, for that you need to find several items.