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RPGs where you can have sex? ed: Jun 17, Messages: Jun 27, Stats Ignoring.

Projas Information Superhighwayman. You need Jesus. Ellef Deplorable. Realms of Arkania HD. ed: Jan 14, Messages: 29, Demonicon lets you romance your sister. Well, I donno what you mean exactly, but Dragon age series, witcher series, and mass effect series got sex, or you mean more hardcore?

Role playing game

DakaSha V Self-Ejected. ed: Aug 16, Messages: Funny x 8 Edgy x 2 nice x 1.

ed: Mar 14, Messages: 1, Acknowledge this user's Agenda x 2 Agree x 1. RNGsus your daddy. ed: Apr 29, Messages: 7, Funny x 3 Excited!

Immortal Arcane. ed: Sep 13, Messages: 3, Yosharian Magister. ed: May 28, Messages: 5, Location: Hammerfell. Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition felt like being physically violated by David Gaider, does that count?

Funny x 5. Whiny-Butthurt-Liberal Guest.

Makes you think Ismaul Citizen First Class Shaewaroz Arcane. ed: May 4, Messages: 2, Location: In a hobo shack due to betting on neanderthal.

Sengoku Rance. Old x 1.

CaffeineConquistador Learned. ed: May 19, Messages: Informative x 1. ed: Dec 28, Messages: 3, Location: In your face.

Sexuality in role-playing games

Brofist x 3 Informative x 1. ed: Aug 14, Messages: 4, Felix Arcane. ed: Sep 23, Messages: 3, There is a medieval chad simulator called the witcher, too bad he's a slav though.

Racist x 2 Brofist x 1. Sykar Arcane. DraQ Arcane. Show Ignored Content.

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We hand-picked these and yes, the list includes sex games and games with sexual themes or scenes.


Tabletop RPGs are perceived to have a sex problem.


Tabletop RPGs are perceived to have a sex problem.


What are the best sex games on PC?