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  • Man
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  • My figure features is quite muscular
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  • Dance
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  • Travelling
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A novice stage performer who ed the Flower Division to follow in the footsteps of her idol, onetime mega-star Sakura Shinguji. She believes strongly in the importance of both sides of the organization: the combat unit that defends Tokyo and its dramatic counterpart, the Imperial Revue, that lifts the spirits of the populace.

Sakura fervently prays that both will eventually be restored to their former glory. Formerly captain of an auxiliary ship in the navy, he was reased to the Sakuragame website Combat Revue to oversee the reformation of the Flower Division.

A shrine maiden whose beauty draws visitors to her family's historic Shinonome Shrine. Born in the working-class neighborhoods of central Tokyo, she's a true child of the city who loves her people, her festivals, and everyone in the capital.

Despite her brash exterior, she's a dependable comrade who serves as mediator for disputes within the Flower Division.

A descendant of the Mochizuki clan of ninja, she displayed a tremendous aptitude for martial arts, battle tactics, and weapon-handling from a very early age. Thanks to the strict training she has undergone her entire life, she believes unquestioningly sakuragame website the Village Rules passed down by her clan, striving to obey them at all times. A star of the European stage who hails from Greece.

She was recently transferred to the Tokyo revue after spending time in various revues around the globe. A world-class singer and actor, she has the charisma and confidence to play everything from the male lead to the bewitching temptress.

A sweet, intellectual girl from Luxembourg who always has her nose in a book. Her ferocious curiosity about the world drives her to read every day and learn about all kinds of topics. Her full name is "Clarissa Snowflake", and as a member of the noble Snowflake family of Luxembourg, she has inherited the magical book-based power of libromancy. Also known as the Burning Chef, Xiaolong is a skilled martial artist who boasts incredible agility.

The Wu Long Flame Dance is his ature move.

He's honest and direct with his words. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and tries to apply all of life's new discoveries to cooking. He strives to bring joy to people through the power of delicious food. He owns Shenlong and works there as a chef.

He's been known to whip up ten servings of fried rice in three minutes. What sets Xiaolong's dishes apart, aside from the unique flavors, is that he summons flames with his spirit power to cook his food.

Trained in qigong and other martial arts since early childhood, Yui Huang is a master of combat. She has the odd ability to fix broken equipment, like radios, with a hearty smack. She's addicted to Xiaolong's cooking. She's cheerful and usually in good spirits, but she's not afraid to show her tears when she's sad. Working as a waitress at the Chinese restaurant Shenlong in Tokyo, her martial sakuragame website talents come in extra handy, allowing her to carry stacks of dishes with swift grace.

During the lunch rush, she and Xiaolong can be seen working in perfect harmony, keeping swarms of customers satisfied. The aristocratic captain of the London Combat Revue. Intelligent, dignified, and highly-educated, Arthur embraces chivalry in all its forms.

He behaves with the utmost decorum, but on the battlefield, he's a courageous and relentless warrior. Wields the legendary sword Excalibur, a family heirloom passed down through the generations. Always first into the fray, she's very competitive and constantly seeks rivals that can present a challenge. Also known as the Black Knight. She fights with two blades, the divine Arondight and the wicked Aronblight.

Her special ability is called Grand Hurricane. She's cheerful, energetic, and takes everything at face value. She was born to a family of English farmers. Arthur trained her in the way of the sword, which she proved to have a natural aptitude for. She was accepted into the London Combat Revue, though she's sakuragame website learning how to behave like a noblewoman.

Captain of the Berlin Combat Revue. Accomplishes any mission, no matter how difficult, with her steely resolve, level-headed approach, and excellent leadership skills. Her special attack move is called Stahl Krone. Born into an aristocratic family with strong military ties, she received a very strict upbringing and firmly believes that actions speak louder than words. She's interested in Japanese culture and enjoys watching kabuki plays and reading haiku poetry.

Tasked with demanding missions every day, she has begun to mutter in her sleep due to a buildup of stress and fatigue.

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The Berlin Combat Revue's chief of operations. Despite her petite and dainty appearance, she's been known to unleash scathing critiques. Margarethe plans Berlin's movements meticulously, and together with Elise, has successfully accomplished a range of difficult missions.

Her strategies are generally sound but difficult to execute for those lacking sakuragame website and discipline. A living legend in command of the Imperial Combat Revue. Throughout her time on the stage, she enchanted audiences with her acting skill, playing everything from dainty damsels to coquettish villains. Her majestic final performance left fans in tears and the theater echoing with wails, shouts of appreciation, and applause.

Kaoru of the Wind Division manages the theater's finances, but her main role is as Sumire's secretary. From behind the scenes, she battles bureaucracy. From unit maintenance to stage repairs, Reiji does it all.

The Imperial Combat Revue's trusted mechanic. A character that is a bit shrouded in mystery.

Known to have been Sakura's mentor in swordsmanship. A Greater Demon with disruptive plans. Intent on releasing the seal, regardless of what it might take. And if you won't Adept in the ways of magic, this Greater Demon defines chaos and destruction. Violent, deceitful, and manipulative, humans are mere playthings to him, and he takes great delight in their slaughter. His motives are unpredictable, and he can appear without warning in unexpected locations.

Extreme caution is advised. The stage is set in a steampunk version of s Imperial Tokyo. Now home to the Flower Division, an inept rookie squad who also strives to impart hope on the citizenry with their theatrical talents, the theater has fallen on hard times and risks closure. With the help of the revue's five colorful sakuragame website, he must rise to the challenge of competing in the Combat Revue World Games, protecting the inhabitants of Tokyo and getting the theater back on track. Engage with a colorful cast through the dynamic LIPS dialogue system where what you say and how you say it has a profound impact on relationships off and on the battlefield.

Your bonds with team members flow into sakuragame website high-energy combat finale of each episode, featuring action-packed fights with giant steam-powered mecha. Gorgeous animated sequences, a lush soundtrack, and characters deed by anime and JRPG luminaries will transport you into a vibrant s steampunk Tokyo.

Enjoy Sakura Wars to the fullest with a collection of DLC that includes tribute costumes and BGM, beachy swimsuit costumes, and an array of adorable accessories. Enjoy an especially paw-some play-through with the Flower Division, meow! Take to the stage and pay homage to a repertoire of classic theater productions. Celebrate the legacy of past Flower Division stars with iconic costumes from Sakura Wars games, along with nostalgic BGM soundtracks.

Who needs acting chops when you can charm the audience with a set of Dog-Tail, Glasses, and Halo-and-Wing accessories?

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