pretty single Thalia
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  • How old am I:
  • I'm 26 years old
  • Where am I from:
  • Mexican
  • Hair color:
  • Auburn
  • What is my body features:
  • My figure features is quite slender
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Champagne
  • My piercing:
  • None


OK, not really by night. Users ask and answer sex questions, offer advice to get over self-doubt, debate strategies for wooing women, and then share hookup stories. KH: I started posting to Reddit in summer I had a really good first impression about how people are in that community. There are trends in waves.


This product was mentioned in 12 comments, with an average of 0. Only ever give affection genuinely, The Art of Seduction is a good read.

I don't like chick things, just do your shit next to her. A dinner or some other kind of date once or twice a month, with you making the effort to enjoy it, will go long enough of a way. I've come across a few of these books in paper, too.

I started reading it and it was actually really interesting. It approaches from both a woman seductress and man seductors POV. The mystery method focussed towards men.

The art of seduction. Its just like Robert Greene's Art of Seduction or the how to get laid strategies from the guys that do seminars or did the Pick Up Artist show. Most posts on that subreddit simply are low quality and readers would do better picking up Greene's books and watching the PUA show TBH.

But a good portion of my politics are left wing although another good portion is libertarian.

I support Bernie over Hilary for instance and Trump over Cruz. If you're looking to have fun etc. Make her want you. Read The Art of Seduction. Seduction first, then, and ONLY then, talk about "feelings. Don't do anything like saying "Hey, I have these deep feelings for you, do you want to be my girlfriend? Don't force her to make some big decision right off seduction reddit bat. Don't put her on the spot with some big "you have to either be 'going out with me' or not" thing, and especially not in front of other people. Get her alone, escalate to her comfort level, and if she pushes back at any point, just ease off.

You can find out how interested she is and not risk losing her as a friend. Do this: you get her alone, flirt like mad, go for the kiss and if she says "no" or turns away Lather, rinse, repeat until you sleep with her or she gives you an ultimatum. If she gives you an ultimatum, back off for 6 months or so, then start the seduction reddit over again.

As long as she's comfortable enough to spend time alone with you, she can be seduced. Please don't go for the big, dramatic, OTT, "spilling out your heart" scene, ala "Chasing Amy" or something.

That stuff only works in movies. Just ask her to hang out with you No, I don't mean start out by putting your hand down her pants! Just take her for a nice walk or something If, at some point, she looks like she wants you to kiss her, just lean in and kiss her. If you're a little timid to just seduction reddit for the kiss, you can do a couple of things to help you bridge the gap:. Say to her: "Would you like to kiss me?

If she says "maybe" then say "let's find out" and kiss her. If she says "no," then say "I wasn't going to let you anyway, silly" and continue as though nothing happened. Look at her and say "The look on your face says you want to be kissed right now. If she says "no" or turns away, shrug and go "guess not" and act like nothing happened.

Do NOT sulk, get pouty, say "Aww, why not? If you do, it'll kill whatever attraction she has for you already. Look at her and say "Oh my god, I think I'm about to give up my self-control and kiss you. Once you've kissed her, just proceed from there.

More than likely, if she wants a serious relationship with you, she'll bring it up. If at any point she starts acting uncomfortable, just back off, and if she says anything, lean on the fact that you're her friend. Do not apologize though, just say "Hey, I'm your friend, and I would never hurt you From there if she takes a strong position about not getting involved, you can just shrug and say "Ok, sure thing pal, whatever you want Basically you're just testing her responsiveness all along the way Depending on your tolerance for risk and just how much you care about the friendship thing, you can actually repeat this cycle multiple times, based on your judgment They're free and contain some useful advice.

Ross seduction reddit a lot of videos available for free online as well I'm not sure any of them are worth paying for, but cough bittorrent cough. If you're just going to "hang around" and hope that something happens, then yeah, it's basically a dumb idea.

Hope is not a strategy.

This reddit pick-up artist wrote a book—and you’ll actually want to read it

Now, if you want to be strategic about it, and apply some knowledge and skill to the situation, then no, it's not dumb at all. You just need to learn to see the world through the eyes of a seducer, and learn the ways of the seducer.

There's a lot of good stuff on Youtube. Read the Memoirs of Casanova, they're on Project Gutenberg. Ignore her until you have some idea what you're doing Don't lay anything out on the table.

Unless, by some amazing coincidence, she happens to be madly in love with you, that kind of pressure will just drive her away. The best thing to do is to say nothing and just "treat her like she's already your girlfriend. Put your hand on her leg, go for the kiss, pull her hair, etc.

If she resists at some point, smile and go "but I am always allowed what I desire" and don't say anything else. Back up a step and escalate again later.

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Flirt with her, tease her, make every experience you have together a fun-filled experience. Just relax and enjoy it Sleep with her. If she never agrees to sleep with you, there isn't anything there anyway. The one caveat being, if she says something like "I want to do this, but do you love me? Otherwise, after you sleep with her, she'll probably eventually bring seduction reddit the relationship status question. Important note: be non-reactive if she pushes back or "rejects" you at any point in the above process.

If you try to kiss her for the th time and she pushes you away, just smile.

Tease her about playing hard to get. IF she gives you an ultimatum "quit doing that or I won't want to hang out with you anymore" then - and only then - you may have to decide if you want to just give up and remain platonic friends, or walk away. Seduction reddit then though Yeah, that's going to be a problem. You're already putting her on a pedestal. That's bad, and it is probably reflected in your vibe, which is going to make you less attractive to her. Try to reign that in and remember that she's just one girl out of many, and that you are the prize here, not her.

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That said, it sounds like she does like you to some extent, but there may be some external factor that is keeping her from pursuing getting more involved with you. Maybe she thinks her parents wouldn't approve, maybe there's a boyfriend she hasn't mentioned, maybe, well, you can imagine the seduction reddit. Just keep talking to her when you see her, and work on deepening the connection between the two of you, but make sure to give off a powerful, masculine, sexual vibe at the same time, to avoid the "friend zone. A spontaneous visit is BAD. Just don't do it It'll come off as creepy and stalker'ish and KILL any chance you have with her.

What kinds of things does she say when she declines?

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It's working for some people.