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Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Start date Jan 15, 3d game animated combat graphic violence male protagonist monster shooter vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 5. Prev 1 … Go to .

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Go to. First Prev 74 of 83 Go to. Dec 25, 33 6. Hi guys.

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I have a few questions. Is there any additional content in the public version? When is the next "update" coming out? Jan 16, 14 In the trial version, red haired girl has one more pornographic animation. When your intimacy level reaches 6, liberate the animation This is what I've found so far. Apr 13, 69 Inept Monkey Active Member. Oct 27, 1, UnknownBava said:.

Guys you're not going to believe this View attachment i don't know what it says almost forgot the link to twitter: You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: Jun 4, Reactions: UnknownBava and HentaiHoarder.

Nov 29, 85 Welp played the free demo. Nearly nothing in it, player level is 5, cant upgrade base and it only plays act 1, also you can only raise heroine intimacy to level 1 before the endlessso unless someone messes with the code and releases a new save with all of the intimacy maxed out, no point in playing it. Anyway the changes i have found were a few map changes, not the overall layout of the map, just a few buildings and cars missing so you have a clearer sight, aswell a nice little wallpaper standing besides the guitarist.

Iexist Member. Jul 20, Do we know if it's the same demo as last time, or did they pump out a special, supporters only trial that is not open to the Public? Its the same demo we have been talking about for a month now, version 0.

SoD sweethome, the official free demo, is version 0. Also we aint getting anymore of them, so buckle up for the game is only due to next month. The public trial has no content but they did fix alot of bugs. Also they gave Eino a voice. I dont want to be too optimistic here but that probably means they'll add her eventually I like to play this game on very hard because im a psychopath. The zombies are WAY more dangerous now what the fuck. Reactions: UnknownBavaUnseenatlas and sc4tman.

I'd have thought they'd make a 0.

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Guess it'd have been too much work for too little reward. The supporters already know what to expect after all, and it's doubtful that they'll get new ones for just a demo and a month of wait. I chose to mess around with this one anyway, loser at FPS games that I am.

They actually made the easy difficulty even easier. Didn't expect that, but it's true. Even on Normal, it feels like the girls hit harder, at least against the common zombie types. They fixed worms not doing damage when they swallow a girl, and it feels like they made the leap length of the creeper shorter. At the very least, it doesn't seem like the damn thing comes in from a billion miles away and hits a girl even with you in the way. Also, it feels like worms don't run off as fast as they used too?

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At least on Normal. On Easy it doesn't matter because everything dies so much faster. Like seriously.

You can two-shot basic zombies with the basic pistol now, with center-body shots. It's hilarious. Were people actually complaining about it to get them to make it even easier?

Yep, they did, the zombies on easy had the same stats has on hard mode meaning they were super resilient you could kill 2 special monsters by the time you could kill one zombie, so hurra for no more super zombies on easy. The downside is that they buffed the damage they deal now on hard mode.

A few more changes were made regarding the special monsters, but its not such a major deal that one could notice easily. Also very hard is the way to go. You level up super fast, get alot of points to spend on either the girls intimacy or the homebase itself, and if you lose, the following animation is all the more sweeter because you actually fought and lost.

They also buffed the shotguns meaning mossberg is actually viable, no longer is a direct head shot survivable.

Grenades have a bigger splash zone. Release is scheduled for July.

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HunterSteel New Member. Oct 4, 10 Does anyone have a save so I can skip the prologue?

For some reason I can't skip it or move the text along. Reactions: XmanX and HunterSeeker.

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HunterSteel said:. BraveOrakio Newbie. May 31, 97 Well this new demo does not have the largest weapon selection but i can tell you this regarding v0.

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Ignore the katana, doesnt deal enough damage, breaks if used too much and no area of attack, meaning if you get swarmed ya fucked. Ignore vector submachine gun, it only deals high damage because you can empty an entire clip in 3 seconds. Not worth it.

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Also ignore Mossberg shotgun, while it was buffed and is a viable weapon now, on v0. Anything else has passable grade. Only weapons you should really watch out for are the AK 47, for its consistent and reliable damage, be it up close or afar, and the Spas shotgun, that deals greater damage than the Mossberg, doesnt need to be pumped so you can burst enemies down and its high ammo count.

Also grenade launcher is only ever good if you have an ammo box nearby or for the warehouse fight since you can use it alongside spas to deal with groups of Z fast and to speed up the girls carrying the boxes. BlackKnight23 New Member. May 29, 4 3. Sep 1, 67 I got a bug that even if you shoot the body it goes in the head. Inept Monkey said:. Not a bug, that's the MC's power. Unseenatlas Newbie. Jan 23, 53 Reactions: Inept Monkey.

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