slutty women Mallory
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  • I'm 19 years old
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  • English, Thai
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  • My body type is skinny
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  • None


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Thread has been deleted. Girl cheats on stream. Blames Clara afterwards.

Damn it Clara. Topics are hidden when running Sport mode.

I think shes been cheating so much she opens the cheats by habit while she is streaming and didnt think about it. Its really bad here.

Especially for the student housing market. There are for houses and apartment rooms going up exclusively for female streamers. Really fucks with the student housing market. A lot of students end up moving back to their parents or just straight up goes homeless or couch surfs.

Actually I really enjoy these kind of streams when they try to hide it to his teammates and OW but shows it to the audience. It kinda showcases a skill of cheat hiding. One time I saw this cheat dev do it so fucking well. These moronic obvious cheaters are the worst and should be insta banned from twitch for life.

And maybe those skill cheater streams should be classified under art not gaming of any kind. This poor lady I can't believe Clara installed cheats on her computer.

She should be banned, not this innocent soul. Not really, since there are admins on lan he can't have any visual cheat. That's where aimlock comes to help: press button to lock to enemies when you need to know where they are. Yeah when i see some scum ike Subroza locks on 4 he in 1 second i definitely am too suspicious.

Or when i watch countless vac videos of flusha from and how this whole discussion was ignored and then "no witchhunt" bullshit, that's just frustrating. Her twitch has been banned but I don't know if her has been VAC'd yet. People have been trying to report her en masse.

Not every Asians have small eyes. I mean most of us but not every one of us :.

She sets it up and uses it for a few rounds until she realizes it was caught on stream then suddenly its "wtf is this shit? Clara what did you do? Finally she got VAC'd steamcommunity. NA thing, its a thing in any NA brain that they are always delusional an come up with lies.

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