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Are you 18 years of age or older? Level: Citizen You are interested in my work but you just want to play with some monsters from time to time! Level: Merchant You are an important business person and is really interested in my work and is regularly in my farm helping me to improve things, and you have exclusive access to special monsters breeds!! Skip. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site.


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Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter K3NJ1 Start date Jan 30, 3d game anal sex character creation creampie fantasy female protagonist handjob harem male protagonist management masturbation oral sex pregnancy rape simulator slave vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 4. First Prev 5 of 9 Go to. Feb 28, 4, 2, Jan 15, Reactions: srg91candyi and 1 other person.

How to install settlers of ceinov mac game:

Tikkar New Member. Dec 10, 9 Cutting out the Content for a Free version is a bad thing if you want people think about ing your Patreon. But now i Forget this Game, because there is nothing to do ingame and i cant think about ing you an Patreon for it.

Reactions: SPodvohom GameswhoheiscoolDeleted member and 1 other person. Feb 19, 1, 1, This game is still very early in development, granted it has been for a long time now. Unreal is not easy to work with and it can take a while for a full team of devs to create one game.

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This is a single man project. Last edited: Feb 2, Reactions: srg91candy2bornot2b and 1 other person. Mar 27, Jun 30, 45 May be later it will be EGS exclusive - they love such strategies. SoberSphagghett Active Member. Sep 14, Sorry, but I can't respect a dev who doesn't even give us the save sistem for free.

And how are we supposed to get waifus without the capture sistem? The fuck is this?!! Thats why I said patreon devs suck at making full 3d games, because they never seek help and it most certainly will never be completed.

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There are popular games for four years that have't seen major progress. Spillthebeans Active Member. Jun 21, Warsteel Active Member. May 26, Yeah sorry no, there are actually several standards. Just not everyone uses the same. Point is, the most common used is SemVer Semantic versioning in which case v1. There are other methods too, but in those cases if you start with higher than 0 as first digit, the s are followed by a letter or the deations -alpha or -beta to indicate developement stage.

Well, I finally got around to playing the latest and it seems more like a version than a newer one. Not only did the dev remove loli, which, yes, was a big draw for me, but he also completely removed one of the three races and the barn, which I've heard is just not a free version thing.

Being an essential element to the game as it is now, removing the barn from the free version was a huge mistake. I think I'll keep 4. I'll keep an eye on it for now, maybe something good will happen like the return of a removed element, I've settlers of ceinov games I dropped for the exact same reasoning, cut content, bring back the content they dropped either officially and just dropping whatever caused the content removal in the first place, usually Patreon, or a kind soul generously donating their time to patch it back in.

Spillthebeans said:.

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Yeah I could definitely see epic games buying out a porn game dev who took out loli content to resell his game on patreon, surely there would be no negative repercussions! Seriously though, it's already been stated that pornographic games will not be sold on egs. Mar 3, 92 There's nothing to do currently, waste of bandwidth. Reactions: srg91i and whoheiscool. Azarni Newbie. May 30, 90 Tikkar said:. Would you be so kind and share it with me?

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I could not download it before. Reactions: aspar4gus.

HylTin Newbie. Aug 29, 81 Seriously, everybody dosen't use WASD, arrows still exists Sorry but nope until you add arrows for moves.

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HylTin said:. Reactions: HylTin.

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Osmar New Member. Oct 31, 8 2.

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Very interesting game!!!! Show hidden low quality content.

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Settlers of Ceinov is an alternate version of Adventurous Monster Breeder , which we presented back in


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