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This guide adds a few new layers and challenges to the functional Prostitution sex worker system available from the Wicked Perversions mod. Prostitutes will have a Pimp they owe money to, an aspiration track and traits, urban lot or motel where they can turn tricks, and drugs to make everything better. Wicked Whims Mod — Here…. Basemental Drugs Mod — Here….


The Sims 4 has improved and expanded upon features installments started, but sex is still as PG as it ever has been. Thanks to modding, however, you can take immersion to the next level by using these Sims 4 love and sex mods.

These are absolutely essential if you want more than a shaking bed and some fireworks, and they come in a variety of, shall we say, strengths. Since the beginning of time, The Sims franchise has blanketed any private act—from using the toilet to showering—with a pixelated blur. Instead, this mod treats you like an adult by completely removing the pixelation. Taking a shower? No blur there.

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Going to the bathroom? However, if you decide you want your Barbie-bodied Sim to streak or use the toilet through their clothes, enjoy the show. In this day and age, dating has expanded to the smartphone in your pocket with dating apps. The mod adds an immersive layer that The Sims 4 was missing.

No mosaic / censor

Find love, go on a blind date, or if your Sim is looking to feed their carnal instincts, set up a one night stand. And boy is it extensive. Wicked Whims is the pinnacle of sex mods. The base mod has a few dozen positions, but the real kicker is the of animations other modders have contributed.

The ballparkaccording to TurboDriver, is over 6, different animations from various creators.

Nudity skills can turn your Sim into a pervert by making a game of flashing others or dancing naked in the street. To do that, Sims need to be more comfortable with their nude body by engaging in certain activities like wearing a bikini or getting a massage. There is a surprising layer of realism added as well, one we did not expect.

A fact of life is this: Women have a menstrual cycle. Sims do the woohoo any time of the day and out comes a baby.

The former kind is just the act of sex without the chance of children, while the latter adds the chance of a baby. Hey, sometimes passion gets in the way.

Pillow talk mod

However, a risky woohoo does more than add a small chance; it increases and decreases based on traits your Sim has. The Sims 4 has always been about role-playing. The receiver can either accept it and kiss you or leave a nice handprint on your face.

If post woohoo awkward silences are not for you, the Pillow Talk mod by Shimrod Five ly unused animations can play out instead, removing the cartoonish fireworks moments and replacing them with something altogether more tender, loving, and realistic. These animations are called Pillow Talk, Whisper Secret, Tickle, Kiss, and Snuggle Nuzzle, and one of them will play randomly at the end of the woohooing.

Depending on your grip on the delicate nature of gaming realism, you might be curious to see ghosts having babies. With ghosts being able to have relationships and get married, it seems the logical next step was to have those same ghosts get pregnant.

This mod may cause some conflicts with the aforementioned Wicked Whims mod, so keep that in mind when deciding which mods to go with. This mod can result in triplets, quintuplets, and sextuplets, so make sure you have plenty of room in your house for your potentially massive new family.

This will give you Sim some potential routes to extra income, be it through negotiating the monetary value of physical affection, or providing important services such as lapdances at the local nightclub. Like all things in life, practice makes perfect, and you can get better at your new trade over time, earning even more additional income.

Gay and lesbian couples can bring forth new life, and men will be able to get pregnant. The mod still retains the lottery nature of pregnancy. All rights reserved.

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I think in my games if my sim was married he probably fired the maid soon after to protect his secret.


Thanks to the fantastic Sims 4 community, there are hundreds of mods that let you tailor your sims experience is an abundance of different ways.


Expand your Wicked Whims Strip Club by adding a brothel.