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Wait a few days after returning the brothers to Weatherleah, then head to Chorrol and walk around. You'll soon be approached by Fathis Ules who'll tell you about the Jemane brothers' father, Albert Jemane. Fathis tells of an item that Albert stole long ago but never turned in for his reward. Fathis marks on your map the location of Redguard Valley Cave.


Oblivion:sins of the father

Approximately two days after helping the Jemane brothers in Legacy Lost you will be contacted by a Dunmer thief named Fathis Ules. You need to be in Chorrol for the quest to be initiated. Fathis explains that the Jemane brothers' father, Albert Jemane, once worked for him as a professional thief.

He was a good employee for many years, but his greed overcame him and he disappeared with the last object he was told to steal. Fathis thinks that this object he won't tell you what it is has been taken by the ogres that until recently had overrun the farm. He shows you how to get to their cave. You need to locate and kill the Ogre Chieftain ; you can either kill or avoid the rest of the ogres in the cave.

Your diary suggests to you that perhaps the blade should instead be returned to Castle Chorrol. You can decide which option to take:.

To completely finish the quest, you need to return to Weatherleah and talk to the brothers one last time. The brothers' reaction will depend upon what you did with the sword.

After completing this quest, the Jemanes will have cleaned up Weatherleah, furnishing the interior and planting a garden out front. Reynald will also be noticeably more sober, and will speak as clearly and coherently as his brother. Jump to:search.

Contents 1 Quick Walkthrough 2 Detailed Walkthrough 2. A thief wants you to recover an item stolen by the Jemane brothers' father.

Fathis Ules in Chorrol. Redguard Valley CaveWeatherleah.

Escutcheon of Chorrol and four soul gemsor a level-dependent amount of gold. The Honorblade next to its most recent owner.

He's offered to pay me well to return this item to him in Chorrol. Fathis believes it's now hidden inside of Redguard Valley Cave, which he's marked on my map. I've retrieved the Honorblade of Chorrol from the Ogre Chieftan. This has to be the item Fathis was seeking.

However, due to the nature of the item, I think someone at Castle Chorrol would be anxious to have this back. I need to decide whether to sell the weapon to Fathis, or return it to the Castle.

Sins of the father

In gratitude, he's rewarded me with the Escutcheon of Chorrol, an item only bestowed to the most honored of heroes. I should go speak to the Jemane brothers about what's happened. I've given the sword I took from the Ogre Chieftan [ sic ] to Fathis, and he's paid me quite well in return.

Finishes quest.

Selling the Honorblade of Chorrol to Fathis has left me with no evidence of Albert Jemane's past, preventing me from convincing Guilbert that his father was once a notorious member of the Thieves Guild. He was saddened to hear that his father was actually a master thief, but was happy that the Honorblade was returned to Castle Chorrol where it belongs. He rewarded me with a personal keepsake as thanks for righting one of his family's past wrongs.

If the player returned the blade to Laythe Wavrick. Prev: Legacy Lost.

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