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  • Age:
  • I'm 32 years old
  • Caters to:
  • Man
  • Eye tone:
  • Soft hazel eyes
  • Color of my hair:
  • Long straight auburn hair


All that is required is to not let your man cum under any circumstances, for any reason. The answer is simple. The transformation that will occur during the following process, will be sure to make your man more obedient, a better and more attentive lover, and overall better partner in life in and out of the bedroom. Tell him know right now that you are going to run an experiment on him for your amusement. Tell him it will be tough on him, but the reward at the end of your experiment will be well worth it. Let him know that when he has it, that it will be the most intense orgasm of his life, and that the wait for this will be worth it.


The week started at the very deep end of the pool. I tied my ankles very tightly and because of everything, I had to walk with my chest out and head up just so I could balance and by the time I removed my plug I was a hot sweaty mess. Tuesday saw me writing a love letter to a guy Ennio of course! The love letter was ok, I tried to write it without second guessing or editing anything and it helped get me in the right frame of mind for the chat room.

I was roleplaying as a housewife with one guy and it was fun to add in little touches like kissing his neck as he thrust himself inside me to flesh it out from the purely sexual.

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I was watching beach based porn, which I ended up doing over two days, and I really love it. Amateur videos of outdoor sex always appeal to me and setting them on the beach makes them even better. My weekend task involved a trip to an actual beach. My task was to wear a bikini…and a wig…and some boobs, then to go for a walk on the beach and rounding it off with some sunbathing. I set things up and tested my camera which was a pain, I ended up putting it in one of my shoes and using my socks to prop it up and then I took my clothes of and got ready and then went for a walk.

Technical issues derailed me for a couple of days. Luckily me Internet came back for 40 minutes at just about the right time, I was watching sissy lessons tumblr videos only 1 on 1 though.

stunner girls Kamari

I had so much fun and I really wish I could have carried on but my connection disappeared again so Becca want to bed unfulfilled! Next up was hookers more specifically cheap oneregular and ladyboys. Then I switched to ladyboys and it just stunned me. Watching them flaunting themselves for business and getting picked up and how trashy they were tans, boobs, tattoos, skimpy clothes was super hot but it also hit me in a way that something like Genderella did.

My next session took me even deeper, Goddess had me watching a specific Klaudia Kelly video and said there was a kiss that would give me all the feels.

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Goddess also had me set the mood beforehand with some romantic music and candlelight and this really worked. My weekend task was to set the mood and then read romance stories on Literotica while I used Ennio on myself.

Crossdresser ready for sissy training

I think I over-expected on this because it was really fun and I was really feeling a few of the stories but it seemed to never quite hit the heights I thought it would. I think it was because the stories were hit and miss, there are so many and I had to pick and choose, and also because Ennio only lasted an hour! Yesterday however, really hit me beyond any expectations I had. I was on my knees watching Female POV VR videos with my huge boobs on, lipstick on and my lips wrapped around a dildo for a whole hour.

Goddess gave me a few to watch and that I could any other suitable ones as well.

Crossdresser ready for sissy training

Then to round out the month, Goddess gave me a video that was almost 3 hours long to watch over a few days. The video was a series of scenes with her and a variety of guys just one other in each scene except for the last one where she took on two. Some of them were bath house or massage scenes and a couple were more general porn. The first thing that struck me was, as always! I loved herhow wanton and slutty she looked, how she moved, how she undressed and just how comfortable she was with her body.

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My weekend task covered both days. On Saturday Goddess wanted me to go out for a run wearing a couple of layers of clothes and with lotion on my legs and feet I left it to the evening so things had cooled down a bit. This was followed up with some Yoga and then I was watching femdom lesbian foot porn videos while gagged with my used socks.

Then on Sunday, Goddess wanted me to film a little video of me giving a foot and then handjob to a toy. You can see it hereit took a little while to get it set up and working but I was pretty happy with how it turned out! This was amazing and the last video was a really long one that Goddess has used before and it was just perfect.

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Tuesday was a reward from Goddess combining two of my favorite things, Wifey and Ennio. I was in lingerie and had to use two toys. Next up was bondage porn, first getting tied up, followed by punishment, then a mouth soaping before finally corner time. I was plugged and gagged and Goddess had me using my paddle on my bottom as I watched.

She needed it but it hurt so much! There were a lot of audios and they varied in quality but when they were good, they were so good!

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Especially if the dom was nasty or mean. Friday was a challenge because I was weting myself again.

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To begin with, I was in garters, stockings and heels and watching videos of women similarly dressed then to end with, I was watching a female POV BJ while I followed along with a toy. When the guy came I was to wet myself. This was a lot of fun, there was plenty of variety, bondage, strapons, toys, face sitting, punishments, dominance etc and I just lost myself in it all for almost 2 hours!

Sissy stuff

Tuesday was hentai blowjobs which I watched while working off a couple of toys. The purge of Pornhub removed a lot of hentai and it took a little while before I started to find good ones but I managed it and Goddess gave me a specific one to finish on. The last one was super hot, it started pretty simply and then went deeper and deeper. As always, hentai makes me feel super slutty, the sound effects and how uninhibited it can be really pushes my buttons.

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On top of this, I was to wear panties and wet myself before I started bouncing on a dildo and I double checked that this was something I had to do. It was really tricky and took about 20 minutes to get started. I ended up sitting on the toilet panties on until I started to pee and then moved onto the mat I was moving to finish it off.

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The videos were glam and slutty a perfect combination! I was sent to bed on Thursday. Goddess wanted me to watch makeout videos or kissing ASMR while I made out with a dildo, in bed and dressed in my night gown.

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Doing it with a video was hard work because I was splitting my focus and trying to do two things at once so halfway through I switched to the ASMR videos and pulled my duvet over my head. This took it to a whole new level, I really got into it. I was really feeling it, panting and crying his name out and when been under the duvet made it feel like I was in his arms. Goddess had said I was to use my mouth to express my feelings and by the end, I knew just what she meant!

Which brings us to Friday, Goddess had me gagged and bouncing on a dildo while I watched an hour of gloryhole porn. I lent towards the girls who looked like they really wanted to be there. Some of them became really focused and just sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked sissy lessons tumblr get as many guys off as quickly as they could and others took their time a bit more and played to the camera.

My weekend task was carried over from the week before and I had a photshoot.

I did a little planning sissy lessons tumblr hand and when I was getting ready, I was very pleasantly surprised at just how easy it all was. I had some issues for example, even though I left it until the evening it was still really hot and boobs did not want to stick to my chest, luckily my sports bra is pretty tight! Due to the heat, I kept my makeup pretty simple and relatively light and I was happy with it. Red and wet and glossy and even better, I used a new wig a little pricier than the ones I usually use and once I got it set in the right place it looked good and moved really well.

This fed through into the shoot and it ran smoothly. For my leg focused shots, I did them with and without the hose and I felt like my bare calves looked a little bit too chunky, so you get the tights! Afterwards, I also saw that some of the poses inadvertently, honest!

After my days off, I was ready to dive back in and first up was footjobs. I painted my toenails and while they were drying, I put lotion between each toe and then I could watch footjob videos and when they had dried, I could work on a toy and I was plugged for all of it. When I put the lotion on, my toes felt so good.

Really smooth and silky and I squeezed them together and wiggled them around as the polish dried. This really got me ready for pleasuring my toy because Sissy lessons tumblr just squirted plenty of lube and let me feet glide over it. I also had an encounter of a sort the morning before this training. I was walking over a footbridge and a guy was walking in the other direction.

As he passed me, the wind changed direction and I smelt him and a thrill ran all through my body. I actually stopped and turned to stare after him, I was so aroused! My next session was where the pictures come from.

Sissy sidney

I was plugged and began with a 50s ASMR video then followed that up by collecting pinup photos and finally finishing with a TS pinup scene and Goddess gave me a few words of encouragement before letting me loose. Scrolling through galleries and pictures had me almost panting and feeling so feminine and submissive.

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Finally Friday was deepthroating day while I watched the amazing Kianna Dior. With her videos spurring me on, I really pushed myself literally as well as figuratively to go further and further down the dildo I was working on. I did not have a pleasant taste in my mouth by the end of it but the progress was very rewarding. I want to see his eyes widen as I slowly slide all the way down him! So June began with a very summer themed session.

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