horny prostitute Paislee
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  • Age:
  • 36
  • Ethnicity:
  • Greek
  • My orientation:
  • Man
  • Iris color:
  • Misty hazel
  • Color of my hair:
  • I have got gray hair
  • I speak:
  • Russian


And with the soft friction of those sheer stockings on your shaved legs and your girlie heels…. I wonder what all those who work for you and all your associates would think if they knew that under that tailored power suit, there is actually an emasculated sissy, wearing stockings and lingerie, with its redundant remnant of its defeat manhood impotently locked away. And what would they think if they knew you pay a dominant woman to spend your weekends locked away in a cage in your stockings and girlie things…. I actually have some people voting over for drinks tonight, so they laugh and snigger at you, helplessly imprisoned in your feminised state.


I love this. Great for getting two new subjects used to each other, or as a punishment for two that refuse to get along.

Picture submitted by mistressangelinalucas09captioned by chastity-caps. Him, hooded, collared, tied, gagged - only the holes under the nostrils making the difference between being vulnerable and suffocating. He can hear his own heartbeat, the blood rushing through his veins, his scarce bodily hair standing on top, his skin, damp from sweat, registering every movement of air.

I will claim him as my bitch, my slut, my whore, fuck his tight arse with my strap on. He knows this, because we both crave the same thing - my conquering of his body as much as his mind. My fucking and stretching of his boy pussy, with my fingers, my hand, my girl cock. But not yet. First, his nipples.

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His beautiful pink joy buds. I circle them with my fingers for a while, pinching lightly before adding little bites.

I can tell from his muffled moans and his leaking cock how much he likes this. He will take the pain. For me.

It does not matter, because I decide when, where and how. My rules. I give him a few seconds to adjust, slowly caressing his face over the hood while blowing cool breath on his nips.

He can hear me and nods. I caress his hood again, kissing it on the forehead, both cheeks, over the gag. We love this intimacy. My lips close around his nose and immediately his body tenses. So vulnerable. He is now literally clinging onto me for sheer life.

So much responsibility. So much trust.

So much intimacy. As he calms and eases into my rhythm, my hands find the clamps and start toying with them - more distraction, more sensual overload for him. He sucks the air out of me, breathing heavily as I slowly start pulling the nipple chain.

More cage twitching, more leaking. I smile, happy and proud, and release my lips from around his nose.

I grant him a few seconds of fresh air supply. Instant reaction in the cage, rivers of delicious cock tears oozing out of the metal bars restraining his erection.

Sissy girl desires

And with that I place the palm of my hand under his chin, pushing his lower jaw upwards, harder into the gag inside the hood, while my fingers close around the nostrils and block all of his oxygen supply off. I can see his internal fight to remain calm. Daily exercise is important, regardless of the weather.

You didn't finish your chores!!! Yes mistress.

Always know your place. Oh my word, I love everything about this. He is exposed, so exposed, so vulnerable.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

At my mercy - he now understands the full impact of these three words. Top Photos. Recently Liked.

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I love feeling so on display while completing chores!