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Especially the little baby ones where you had to change their diapers and stuff. Most girls outgrew their dolls, but me? I always wanted more. He grumbles. I curl a finger underneath his chin and tilt his head until he meets my gaze and I reach my hand down, squeezing.


This post contains all of the ideas I have been able to come up with or find on the internet for female-dominant, male-submissive scenes….

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This theme emerged over time because orgasm control is so effective at heightening male desire. We use this list in a very simple framework when setting up scenes. First she picks one or more of the ideas below either by hand or randomly and makes rules and tasks out of them.

Then, after a few days of suffering through them and pushing me to peak sensitivity, the frequency of rules and tasks increases over a weekend, for example and she adapts punishments from the list or comes up with them on her own to achieve a good, intense session.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy them and they inspire ideas of your own! Some of them may not be practical. This task is very hard: have him hold pennies against the wall using only his fingertips — one penny per finger.

Depending on how you position his arms, this can be easy or extremely difficult. Arms spread wide apart forces him to get his face very close to the wall and will tire his arms quickly. Same with his hands being very high up. For every penny that drops, punish him. Keep the punishments severe enough that he really fears dropping a penny.

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You can also make him hold a penny against the wall using his erect cock. This will force him to keep himself hard. Rules that control his orgasms are the most effective and psychologically impactful rules you can impose. These rules also become good excuses for torment and punishment. The mix of wanting to orgasm and facing big punishments feels very exciting.

Edging is the practice of bringing someone very close to the point of orgasm and then baking off. You can force your Slave to edge himself a few times to increase his sexual need. Or, you can do it to him and punish him if he orgasms.

This will force him to resist orgasm. It can be very useful, because he has to actively think about what other secrets he can divulge. This is a rule that focuses on helplessness and humiliation. If you catch him leaving something out, punish him accordingly. Here is a very simple rule that is deed to keep things awkward for him and emphasize that his cock and balls belong to you.

Tell him that you want to see his balls hanging down. Breaking this rule is all about not giving you access to his cock and balls, or about him not putting them on display for you.

Punish him accordingly. Failure to obey you should carry the harshest punishments. The point of this game is to use punishments to force him to obey you. Therefore, the punishments have to be intense enough that doing humiliating and painful tasks is less miserable than going through with the punishments.

Generally, you want to pick very painful or very humiliating punishments for this kind of error. Try to get him to call out in pain several times. With this rule, the slave must force himself to become hard. This usually carries a time-limit, or is just a way for you to keep his hands on his cock, constantly fumbling with it. This has more to do with him having to make himself hard with you watching than it does with him getting hard. He is putting himself on display.

Keep that in mind and see if you can think of ways to change things up.

This is a rule in every slave contract: that he must refer to you by a name of your choice. You can extend this to involve other women or other people. Common examples are:. This rule is a vocal one, so punishments can involve the mouth or speech. Just be sure to catch him every time.

Slave must kiss some part of Mistress under some conditions. Type of kiss, duration, and of kisses are up to you.

You could, for example, make him practice kissing until he gets it exactly right. Kissing is an oral act, so you might want punishments to involve the mouth. Here are some ideas. You require your slave to wear a collar, wrist cuffs, or ankle cuffs, or any combination both as a symbol that you own him and so that you can quickly restrain him at any time.

You might want to avoid making him wear a collar while he sleeps, but that is the only one you need to be careful about. Cuffs while sleeping are just fine. Usually, the punishment comes from him unlocking the cuffs ahead of schedule. Sometimes this is necessary for safety or for other reasons like a friend comes bybut you can still punish him for it. Simple restraint is perfect for that. You can force him to reach or maintain a specific weight, achieve a certain degree of flexibility, or force him to gain strength.

All of these require a test after a long period of time to see if he meets the goal. Failure needs to have a ificant-enough punishment that it will push him to exercise and stretch for so many days to try to reach the goal. It also gives you a convenient way to punish him in a way that will hurt for a long time. You can force him to do situps, for example, and his ab muscles will ache for days.

However, this can interfere with other games where you are pushing his body to its limits. These rules require him to exercise so often and for so long that you need to have punishments that will motivate him to work through the pain and boringness of exercise over a period of weeks.

Pick punishments that make him pale, or that are worse than the exercise itself. Slave is punished for flinching.

You can even make him act like he is happy when you touch him. But he can never show you the disrespect of moving away when you want to touch him. This is a straight-forward and common rule. In the second example, you pick a common word and wait for him to forget the rule, giving you frequent opportunities to punish him.

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This is simple: if he speaks out of turn, focus on oral punishments. Bad tastes, gags, extremely hot foods, and so on. I have always treated Tumblr adult content with respect and greatly enjoyed the site. After your paddling, just stay in the corner.

I want to see that bottom glow. Do not ever wear my clothes again.

Posts Archive. Femdom Punishment Ideas…. He grants him an orgasm. He must ask permission prior to orgasm. He is allowed to orgasm, but doing so carries an automatic set of punishments or humiliations.

Every time he orgasms, he owes you a favor. You pretend to believe that he will take any opportunity to have an orgasm, and go to great lengths to prevent it chastity belt, lots of restraints, careful supervision. After every orgasm, he must collect his semen and do something embarrassing with it.

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When you are finished, take off the dress and stand in the corner.


Authors note: Everyone in this work is a consenting adult over the age of


This post contains all of the ideas I have been able to come up with or find on the internet for female-dominant, male-submissive scenes….


So, my gf has had me locked and not allowed to cum for 6 days now..