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We may be able to build a case whether you were a part of a local, state, or national team. We offer free case reviews to sex abuse survivors. Sex abuse can—and likely does—occur in almost every sport and at every level. It is important to remember that it is unlikely you are alone in your experience. The of high-profile cases that emerged over the last few years is likely only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, USA Swimming maintains a permanently banned list with more than coaches and others who the organization says violated its code of conduct.


The Olympics are the fairytale that predatory coaches dangle before starry-eyed kids to get them to do anything they ask. I know because it happened to me. M y mother never got to see me swim fast.

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I had only started swimming competitively in September, my 13th birthday swim team sex in December and by March she was dead. He barely noticed as I progressed rapidly through the levels of the team, putting me in the same group with swimmers who had been in the pool since they were five or six years old. As early as my freshman year in high school, it was clear that I had the talent and work ethic to earn a scholarship to a major Division I university. All I could think about was going to the Olympics. The coaches use predatory behaviors to get kids to do anything they ask.

As laid out in a lawsuit filed in the Central District of California last week, my swim coach Scott MacFarland began grooming me for a sexual relationship when I was I was young and motherless, which made me an easy target. The trouble at home only made it easier. That was never going to happen.

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Swimming was something I loved to do and I was going to the Olympics. It was the only positive thing in my life at that point. One day my father came to the pool and pulled me out of practice, telling me that if I went back the next day to not come home again.

I went the next morning and when I got back to my house, all my stuff was on the front lawn.

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With nowhere else to go, Coach MacFarland asked me — a junior in high school who was barely 17 years old — to move into his one-bedroom apartment. Everyone knew I was living with a man in his mids, but no one ever asked me if I was OK or if anything bad was happening to me.

Sex abuse and youth sports

It was a difficult situation, but there were so many different ways he could have handled it, like calling child protective services. At first the arrangement was only emotionally abusive. He kept a scale in the kitchen and would have me weigh myself before I ate.

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After practice, he would then make me ride the stationary bike in the house for at least two hours. This was a common technique: to put you down and make you feel worthless so you want to do something, anything to get something positive out of his mouth.

Swim team sex abuse lawyer

The point was to break down any self-confidence I had: It made it easier for him to sexually abuse me later. I did not give consent.

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He paid for the roof over my head. He paid for my food and for my clothes.

My swim coach raped me when i was usa swimming made it disappear

He paid for me to travel to do something that I loved to do, which was the most important part of my life. Besides, what choice did I have?

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After accepting a swimming scholarship to the University of Arkansas, he told me I could not come home for Thanksgiving break if I weighed over lbs. I barely made it through my freshman season, in part because I became pregnant with his .

For : swim team

During Christmas training camp, I was forced to tell my college coach, who flew me back to Colorado so I could have an abortion. Within eight months, I would end a second pregnancy by him. The abortions were a painful and traumatic part of my life, which became a tumbleweed that just kept getting bigger and bigger. InI was hospitalized in Virginia after my first serious suicide attempt. A horrible and appalling story, right?

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But when it first began aroundand as it continued into the s, my relationship with Coach McFarland was no secret. There was no reason to hide it: it was considered normal. USA Swimming did nothing to discourage coaches from having sex with their athletes.

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They barely stopped short of encouraging the behavior. Many coaches just saw the unfettered access to barely clad pre-pubescent and adolescent girls as a perk of the job. He then pointed to prominent coaches Mitch Ivey and Rick Curl, both of whom would be banned by the sport in the next few years, and telling me I needed to move on. I had all but given up hope of seeing my abuser face consequences for what he put me through. My swim coach had exploited, abused and betrayed me, and now, so had USA Swimming — not once but twice.

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Most recently, California has amended its statute of limitations for sex abuse cases: starting this year, victims of sexual abuse in California will have three years to bring claims that were ly time-barred. Further, the new California law allows for treble damages when the victim proves they were victimized as the result of a cover up of past abuse. And in addition, that USA Swimming knew ofand subsequent, victims of McFarland and covered them up, rather than take action to stop him and protect me and other swimmers.

Sadly, my story is one of many.

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But as predatory coaches and the institutions that protect them are coming to learn, we will not be silenced forever. Sexual abuse in sport Swimming. This article is more than 10 months old. Tue 25 Aug Topics Swimming Sexual abuse in sport comment.

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