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Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans. Also remember this is a lemon, as in sex, also this contains rape, very very mild rape, nothing major I mean come on this stars Robin, he doesn't have the balls or the tenacity to rape someone. Also I know this story may turn down some of my old, loyal supporters, but please guys bare with me because I'll be writing better stories. And no flames please, I hate those cock sucking bitches who flame me just because I write about sex. If you don't got nothing nice to say then don't say anything.


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Phim sex teen titan sex stories

Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Robin decided to have a little fun with little Raven in a secluded area Warning: Contain rape and forced scene. Starfire is given a bachelorette party, and Robin's past sexual partners - Supergirl, Wonder Girl, and Batgirl - all recount how they lost her virginity to him, making Starfire question the value humans place on sex and the strength of her relationship with Robin.

The Teen Titans are growing up, on the verge of dropping the Teen from their name. The rest of the world is changing too and not for the better. Tragedy befalls one of them and they learn they're not invincible. They're not even as strong as they always believed.

Can they overcome challenges they've never imagined? Crossover between cartoon and comic versions. Will the spoiled princess Kitten finally have her way with her beloved Robbie-poo?

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How much of a meow does she really pack? Raven follows through on her choice of Aqualad as her first lover. Their first effort ended in her powers burning her partner, so Raven spent the next week mediating and suppressing the emotions through which her powers manifest. A master and apprentice reunite for coffee after nearly three months apart.

‘teen titans’ stories

Mission objectives are discussed and changes noted. Seven virtues, seven sins, fourteen one-shots. They offer small glimpses into the lives of a very troubled girl and her charismatic master. He was unable to form sufficient reasoning for his fixation with the girl's hair. Insecure after an intimate relationship has been established, Terra can't understand what Slade finds attractive about her or what any of it means. So she asks.

Raven of the Teen Titans encounters an artifact which sends her back in time, trapped in ancient Greece she's forced to make with the times if she ever hopes to return home. A mysterious man enters the life of a Retired Titan, and soon the mystery surrounding her boyfriend's murder begins to unfold.

Visitor Version 2. Blackfire crashlands in the middle of nowhere and is nursed back to health. Same story, with New Improved Hotness.

How far would you go, what lies would you tell, what enemies would you make, to save a teammate's soul? That is the question, one person, who has everything to lose must now answer.

The Brotherhood has returned to destroy the Titans from the inside out with new technology. But a Titan switcheroo and an attack changes the plans. But is it for better or worse? Invasion By : nos Published : November 7, It is 15 years in the future, the titans are disbanded, Jump city has the lowest crime rate in history, and somethings coming to turn the world upside down.

Sometimes things are just too hard to ignore. Robin realizes this and then finds something that doesn't belong.

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Of course, by the next one, she was insulting him like Cyborg would, so maybe Im exaggerating.