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Inthis season's original opening was replaced with season three's opening for daytime network rebroadcasts and subsequent syndication without any explanation, making the original opening rare. Raven believes The Chill Grill can become a hangout for the kids at her school, so she heavy-handedly advises her family on how to make the restaurant cool. We find out that Eddie and Chelsea are only meeting because they are practicing a dance routine for the Chill Grill opening.


The episode "Too Much Pressure," which aired on June 17,broke Disney Channel records by being the 66th episode of the series, the first to break the episode contract. The hour long episode, "Country Cousins," which aired on July 29,broke Disney Channel records again by scoring This feat would later be beaten by High School Musical 2.

That's So Raven was officially called the network's highest-rated series during its third year run. This is the last season produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment.

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie give a student at school named Tyler a makeover. Tyler likes Raven, but he is not Raven's type, so she tells him that she just wants to be friends. After the makeover, Tyler turns out to be really handsome, so she wants him back. But he's already dating someone else. This causes Raven to disguise herself as a belly-dancer and -- unsuccessfully -- try to break them up at a restaurant.

Season 2 episodes

Raven tries to deal with her annoying new neighbor, Sierra, as well as getting close to her science partner, Jalen. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea do their project on the effects of not sleeping for 48 hours -- with unwilling partners Tanya and Victor. Raven, Cory, and Victor try to sell a business entrepreneur his next venture. However, Raven is constantly interrupted by an annoying seven-year-old named Stanley. The school is preparing for a concert by a folk singer, Rayne Bow, whom Chelsea admires.

While doing so, she has a vision of another student getting into a freak accident—and to her surprise, Ben has the same vision. The two realize that they are both psychic, but Ben has not told his family or friends about his "gift". Raven tries to persuade him to be honest.

Ben hugs Raven because he's relieved to have confided in her, leading Chelsea to think that Raven and Ben are dating. However, Ben and Raven realized when they hugged they both saw a vision of the same thing. Later in the episode, Rayne Bow is late to her concert, locked in a closet with Eddie. Ben and Raven must kiss in order to see where the two are trapped.

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Meanwhile, Cory and Cindy become boyfriend and girlfriend. Cindy says it's not official until they kiss. But Cory is uncomfortable about that and says we don't have to do what we don't want to do, and Cindy agrees too. Natasha, a Russian exchange student and gymnast who resembles Raven, comes to the school.

Eric, an athletic boy Raven really likes, mistakes Raven for Natasha, leading Raven to pretend to be Natasha in an attempt to win him over. At the gymnastics meet, which is scheduled for the next day, Eric thinks Raven's entering. Chelsea gets a job at "Camp Woof-Woof", a dog daycare in the neighborhood.

Even though she works for free, Raven and Eddie decide to work for money. Their most important client is a famous show Bichon Frise that is in a show that very night. Unfortunately, Raven's pink armband falls into the tub while she and Eddie are bathing the dog, turning it bright pink!

The three then scramble to fix the problem before the dog show starts. At home, Victor s a knitting club full of old ladies, who prove to be quite formidable when Cory tries to sell their products. Raven is shocked about Chelsea's sculpture of her: an abstract piece, which blends the real Raven with the bird of the same name, creating a head with an enormous beak.

Raven thinks Chelsea is making fun of her, which breaks Chelsea's heart. When Raven shows the sculpture to Eddie, though, she accidentally destroys it, leading her to "become a piece of art" at Chelsea's show! Meanwhile, Cory sells soda to kids in milk cartons at school after the school and his home bans sugar. Raven accidentally hits Bianca in the face during a game of dodgeball.

Surprisingly, it makes her a nice person, leading everyone to think Raven is the toughest girl in school. She abuses her newfound power, and takes over Bianca's old posse, but soon regrets it. The only cure, though, hits Bianca in the chest with another dodge ball. Meanwhile, Larry spends time with Victor which makes Cory jealous.

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie get jobs at the school store for service credit from Mrs. DePaulo, who makes Eddie the manager. Everything starts out just right -- until Eddie hires his girlfriend, Chantel, to work there.

This makes Raven and Chelsea do all the work, while he and Chantel do nothing. To make matters worse, Eddie told Chantel that he is rich, romancing her with lobsters and steaks; to do this, he constantly borrows money from Raven and Chelsea. They finally tell him off, and Raven has a vision of Eddie reaching into the store's vault, apparently stealing. Eddie really hid a present, though, and Raven soon makes a mess out of things —- in more ways than one!

At first, they work well with each other to defeat a competing team, but then they must compete against each other for a shopping spree. The competition soon gets the best of their friendship, as they grow suspicious of sabotage. Meanwhile, Cory has installed a hot tub in his room and Victor starts using it, making Cory not use it. Cory and Victor agree to move it out to the backyard. Victor and Tanya go out of town, leaving Raven and Cory home alone. After Raven accidentally breaks a lamp, she lets Cory throw a party to try to raise enough money to buy the expensive lamp back. However, a scheme of Cory's ends up backfiring on both of them.

Meanwhile, Victor seems to be falling in love with his in-car system which he names "Sasha", making Tanya jealous. Eddie and Chantel break up, and Raven accidentally makes things worse between the two. Chantel ends up going to the basketball ceremony with Tyrone, in an effort to make Eddie jealous.

Meanwhile, Cory has to struggle to find the owner of a dog that followed him home, soon to be found by his owner who looks exactly like Cory which is the reason suspected for why the dog followed him home.

Chelsea's friend, Jennifer Rheagan Wallacefrom vegetarian camp visits, and Raven becomes jealous when she realizes they have more in common with each other than she does with Chelsea. To try and save her friendship with Chelsea, Raven s her in a Bio-Dome, and doesn't exactly get along with the ecosystem. The tour guide character Charlotte was played a then-unknown Tiffany Haddish.

This le them to trick Cory into taking dancing lessons, more specifically the Dance of the Yak. Cory tries to quit the lessons, but due to a promise to Victor, he can't. Chelsea ends up revealing Raven's true intentions to Cory, who later tells his ordeal to Pressure. Raven ends up in Pressure's music video, but not exactly the way her vision depicted. This is the second episode in which Raven looks at the camera.

Episode details & credits

She is seen doing this in her vision. Note : Pressure is a parody of Usher.

Raven then has a vision that The Chill Grill goes out of business. Meanwhile, Cory and his band plan to perform to get his father's customers back, but after rejecting Stanley, they lose the customers to The Hill Grill, and made them more famous. Raven has to pretend to be Stanley's girlfriend, so that he will sing at The Chill Grill, and bring back the customers. Cory wants to be in a hip "extreme" skateboarding group, but he doesn't know how to skateboard. So he asks Raven to help him get in the club.

Meanwhile, Eddie asks Chelsea to tape his life video but she keeps getting distracted. However, she decides to buy a outfit to wear to an upcoming party instead, then return the outfit the next day, and get her money back to buy the calculator.

Unfortunately, Raven accidentally gets lipstick on the blouse. Now, she; Eddie; and Chelsea must try to get the stain out, and return the outfit. Meanwhile, Victor and Cory take an annual father-son shopping trip. Cory doesn't like the trip, especially when Victor embarrasses him in front of girls he likes. Raven and Chelsea travel to the country in an attempt to settle a long-lasting family feud over a gravy boat that was thought to be stolen by Victor.

The cafeteria at Raven's school is turned into a food court full of junk food. All of the students love the food, except Chelsea, who sees it as unhealthy. As all of the teens gradually become slower, fatter, and less energetic, Raven saves herself by seeing a future in which everyone at school grows a huge posterior!

She and Chelsea must stop the "attack of the giant booties", which becomes hard when the food court begins to offer breakfast programs and take-out. To make matters worse, the junk-filled court could become a nationwide chain in all schools if Raven's school votes "yes" to the program. Can she and Chelsea save the day before everyone suffers from "a lot of junk in the trunk"? Meanwhile, Cory has a man to help with his homework and Victor and Tanya find out and scold him. The man shows a book in an interview and Victor and Tanya show him the interview.

Later, Tanya returns to law school leaving Victor at home with Raven and Cory.

Movies / tv

Raven has a vision that her "perfect" boyfriend is "too perfect" for her, so she tries to save their relationship. Cory wins a brief role on a TV show, "Better Days", where the child actress named Ally Parker Alyson Stoner on the show wants to try life as a regular. Note : This episode was intended to be a backdoor pilot for a TV series following the Ally Parker character. The show's concept was later re-tooled into Hannah Montana. Raven has a vision that she is at the prom with a man and wants him to be her prom date, but doesn't know who he is. When she is unable to find him before the prom, she ends up going alone with Eddie and Chelsea, who have dates, until Devon shows up and becomes her date.

Meanwhile, Cory is concerned that he may have a hairy back.

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Raven tries to save her nemesis, Alana, from danger, but ends up making their relationship worse.


In , this season's original opening was replaced with season three's opening for daytime network rebroadcasts and subsequent syndication without any explanation, making the original opening rare.