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This contains the choices in The Elementalists, Book 2 and their outcomes.


This contains the choices in The Elementalists, Book 1 and their outcomes. This game revolves heavily around choices you make. They can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make the right choice for their game. Good luck and happy playing! Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet. Please help this by contributing those answers! You only get romance points or romance related choices if you are romantically interested in that gender.

This decision will affect your romantic options for the entirety of this book. Disabling romancing option for men, women or both genders, alters many choices. If there are at least two neutral options, you don't get a third, romantic one. If there is only one neutral option, you don't get romance point for a second, romantic one.

Sometimes you skip the whole choice, which is available only if you pursue someone romantically. If you enabled the option of romancing men, you get the third answer. If that option is disabled, you get the second answer instead. If you choose the scarab, Griffin tells you that it's common among Fire-Atts. The other options don't hint at any particular attunement. Both options lead to Choice 9.

Create the elementalists books 3 and 4

If you choose the second the elementalists choices, the R. These achievements appear after Choice 8. Later on, if you choose Cool Cucumber, Shreya will trust to tell you something. If you choose Hotheaded, she will not tell you. You will be asked six questions Choices to determine your secondary attunement; Choice 15 will only occur if you get a tie between two, three, or all six attunements. In a five-way tie, you will not get the option to choose Metal.

No matter what, your primary attunement will be Sun. There are sixteen possible questions which are divided into six sets of choices. The question you get in each set is random. You only get this choice if you have a two, three, or five-way tie. You get two, three, or five possible answers directly deciding your secondary attunement. The first option won't appear if you have a five-way tie.

If the timer ends, you freeze up.

If you freeze or give a wrong answer, Shreya intervenes. Although both Fire and Sun are correct, all of your classmates including Beckett will be very impressed if you pick Sun. The result is also the same if you choose Fire and then Air. It happens also when you choose Sun and then Fire, regardless of your secondary Attunement. More Like A Nightmare You only get the fourth option if you use the Air marble, otherwise, you get the third option.

The elementalists, book 2 choices

If you failed to learn the Round Up spell in Chapter 4, you will get the 'Nothing' option instead of the Round Up spell as one of the options. It does not matter which option you choose here. She will find the elementalists choices the truth either way. That said, she will be more so impressed with you on the second choice.

This item is called 'Mr. Teal Good' if you're male and "All That Glitters" if you're female. If you did not make a correct daydream potion at all, the above choice is skipped entirely. Third option is unavailable if you don't romance men, you don't get romance points either. No matter who you are romancing at this point, whoever you are closest to will show the greatest concern for your MC, as well as later in the chapter.

MC Bond. You get the third choice only if you have the enchanted outfit. If the timer ends, you stand perfectly still. You will get the second option if you bought the enchanted outfit. You will get the third option if you did not. Professor Englund will not discover you two regardless of your choice. Using the marble though gives you more time to investigate and allows you to see two magickal atures in the room, prompting Atlas's suspicion at the start of Chapter 13 that two people are working together against you.

The first option is available only if you used the red marble in the chapter. The second option is available only if you did not use the red marble in the chapter. If the timer runs out, you extend your magick out and don't sense anything.

If the timer runs out, you extend your senses out but nothing happens. If the timer ends, Griffin distracts the female thief player instead. If the timer ends, Griffin keeps your flag in midair with his magick. Path A: " Thirst for Knowledge ". Path B: " Beckett with the Good Cuddles ". Path B: " Cozy Up ". Path A: " Too Hot to Handle ".

Path B: " Teddy Bear ". Path A: " Scored! You are taken to the closet here to choose daily clothes then go shopping in the Penn Square for the gala. You will get the third option instead of the second one if you don't have enough romance with her from the beginning of the book.

Although there is no lasting effect for any of them, the coin reacts differently to each with "Peace and quiet" being completely dim, "Power and fame" being a blinding light. The effect for "Perfect grades" varies from dim to brilliant beams of light. Although there is no lasting effect with any combination, there are nine different : strawberry edge - fortune lines on your hand glow; strawberry center - grow iridescent wings on back; strawberry corner - get shimmering scales on hands and wrists; blueberry edge - you make bird calls; blueberry center - croak like a frog; blueberry corner - burp musically; lemon edge - levitate; lemon center - telekinesis; lemon corner - see elemental auras around others including Dean.

You will get the third option instead of the second one if you have don't enough romance with him from the beginning of the book. You will get the third option instead of the second one if you don't have the elementalists choices romance with him from the beginning of the book.

You will get the third choice instead of the second one if you don't have enough romance with her from the beginning of the book. Whichever you choose here will slightly alter your dialogue with Atlas when you decide whoever to end Raife in Chapter If the timer ends, you make some fog but neither of you can see Raife to attack -Offense.

The elementalists, book 1 choices

Water, Earth and Fire marbles are available only if you bought them in Chapter 1. You have to use all of them. You will not get options for spells that you did not learn. If you have got enough romance points with your LIs, the highest two will one by one have a private moment with you before reing your friends. In the case of romancing both men and women, one from each gender is picked in my case they are Griffin and Aster, where I certainly have more romance points with Beckett than Aster. If you disabled all romance options, you won't get those scene.

Whatever you choose here will determine your summer activity with Atlas. There will be a small reference to it in Book 2.

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