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You have to be very specific, you have to fill in this form and specify precisely the list of rewards you want to have, with the most accurate details. As a little team, we cannot fund everything or it will takes a life to release a single videogame, you know for priorities, etc.

The legend of versyl

Sometimes help comes in many different kind of ways! We enabled this feature to avoid scammers, so that means your funds will be took by Patreon in the instant that you will pledge, and after that Patreon will charge you automatically on the 1st of the next month. If you will help us funding this project we will speed up the development of it and improve quality of the game.

Players are able to on Patreon through the game, and if they're supporting our cheats will be available. You can get our current project from our Official Patreonand you can get our other games from the Departments in this website. At the moment Patreon's entire income are reinvested in our projects, but if you are skilled and you want to give it a try you can and send us a request! Yeah, we think about it almost every day Problem is that we already have an official job, and starting a new job like this would be like swimming in a Sea of Sharks.

We will need to get more known before do this step. It started all one night, drinking whiskey out of a bar. I Alex started talking to a friend about modern video games, and how many dynamics have gone through the historical RPGs that at the time came out for PSX. We discovered Patreon and did a try, and we saw that our project was supported, shortly thereafter we founded a real Team.

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It's me, Alex. My friend got married and left the Team saying that he was "too grown up" for video games. Let's start by saying that Patreon is a great platform, it lets you create things with incredible ease. In the second category, people who take advantage of the people's money by extending the broth as much as possible, and those people for me can totally burn.

The third is a category of all respect, people who have realized their dreams: people with values to be estimated. Because Kickstarter is usually used for immense projects.

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We are not at those levels, but we hope to reach that levels one day. Sad answer here, we received for months like 10 s per day from our security systems that someone tried to hack our website God only knows searching for whatso we got bored to deal with these nooby-kiddy-lamers and disabled the contact section. About Patreon. How can I contact you guys? From this website, you can actually write us a message from the section "".

How can I get my reward? How polls work? Polls are public.

The legend of versyl map

Here's list of points per vote: Common People: 0. What if I become a betatester?

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At everytime you pledge, you will get the newest beta release every 20th of the month. What if I cannot pledge? What is the charging-upfront feature?

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What will be pledges used for? Why should I pledge?

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Why would I contact you guys? To give us suggestions, advices, hints, and obviously to get your reward! What are fetishes present in your games? About Our Games. How do cheats work? Cheats are actually restricted to our supporters, they're embedded in the game.

Future projects when you will finish The Legend of Versy: Xaveran.

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How can I use a cheat? Open the in-game user menu, click on cheat, write the cheat and confirm. That's all. The plots of your games are based on real stories?

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Absolutely not, we develope fantasy games, all events are based on fictions. What engine are you using to develop your games? Where can I get your games? About The Team.

Can I chat with you? Can I work with you?

The legend of versyl [completed]

Could this game work become a job? Maybe when we reach at least supporters.

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Who knows. Have you ever tought to create a Company? How does it all started? So if you were two guys, in the end who is really the team leader? What do you think about Patreon and other Patreon creators?

The legend of versyl - futanari edition [v ]

About other Patreon creators I think there are three kinds of creators: Who does it as a hobby. Who does this to live Who does it to live with transparency We are in the first category because we are driven by passion. Why choosing Patreon and no other platforms like Kickstarter? Why can't I contact you from this website?

The legend of versyl - futanari edition [v ]

About Patreon How can I contact you guys? From this website, you can actually write us a message from the section "" How can I get my reward? About Our Games How do cheats work? About The Team Can I chat with you?

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In this story YOU can change the events based on your will.


To survive and come back to the world of the livings he makes a deal with this spirit called versyl bonding his soul to the versyls spirit.


Developer: Kravenar Games Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love.


In this story YOU can change the events based on your will.