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Contains spoilers for The Visit.


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You know what would have been a surprising twist for M. Nana and Pop Pop are escaped mental patients who murdered their real grandparents and have taken over their lives. And now Pop Pop is trying to murder Becca and Tyler. Who knows?

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I know many people are afraid of getting old, and of all the issues that accompany old age going senile, losing people we love, etc. But never mind.

10 questions left unanswered by m. night shyamalan’s the visit

For two reasons:. The coworkers manage to miss seeing the fake grandparents and speak only to the kids, so no one is clued it to their switcheroo.

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But obviously the fake grandparents must have been missed from the hospital, too — someone must have noticed that two patients, at least one of whom must have a history of violence, are also missing. But even if we accept No.

Their mom Kathryn Hahn was estranged from her parents before the kids were born, and she only reconnected with them just before the kids go off for a visit.

10 questions left unanswered by m. night shyamalan’s the visit

There obviously was some cajoling and ganging up on the part of the real grandparents and the kids to get Mom to give the okay for the trip. Skype plays a huge part in this story: the kids Skype regularly with Mom while they are at the grandparents and she is on her cruise. It is absolutely inconceivable that, over the course of the campaigning for the kids to go visit their grandparents, there was never a Skype call with the kids, their grandparents, and Mom all on the line.

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We know the real grandparents were Internet savvy: they have a Web site for their counseling work, and they have hardwired Ethernet in their house the kids plug their gadgets right into the wall to connect to their Internet access. One: maybe Mom sent them to her parents — and it was really the real grandparents, not scary replacements — for some nefarious reason, like to be indoctrinated into some scary family supernatural shit that she had run away from but recently had a change of heart about and now wants her kids in on the tradition.

Let's talk about the ending of 'the visit'

For two reasons: 1 The fake grandparents escaped from a facility where the real grandparents worked as counselors. Pledge your support now at Patreon or Substack.

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Let's talk about the ending of 'the visit'

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Night Shyamalan is back and he is out to let everyone know that he hasn't lost his touch when it comes to freaking audiences out.


As for me, I am a big fan of M.


Something happened when she was 19 that caused her not to see her parents again, for the last 15 years.


Whether you think The Visit is M.