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You may encounter the occasional shower while holidaying in Scotland. Whatever you choose, Scotland is home to sights unlike anywhere else in Britain. Each country represented here has its own set of customs and national pride. With regards to the past, we should all be relatively familiar with British history by now, but here it is in rather broad brushstrokes… As successive ice ages advanced and retreated over the centuries, hunter-gatherers roamed across the land bridge with Europe to forage in the British Isles. Then, in around BC, some of these wanderers decided to stay put and farm the fertile lands of southern England.


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Game of Thrones is rightly acknowledged as one of the biggest and best TV shows of all time. The new series, with a shorter runtime thanks to a reduced of episodes, is certainly a step in the right direction. We also now have a definitive end date for the George R. Martin saga at least on screen, even if the author is hesitant to complete the literary source material anytime soon. Outlanderin comparison, is a whippersnapper of a show. With Game of Thronesthis is something that has developed over time, whereas in Outlander it is far more of a hook to get the plot to go in a certain direction.

Think of it this way — the first two seasons of Game of Thrones could easily be tweaked into a believable if slightly gruesome historical drama. Yes, there are spirits and white witches, but these are hardly essential to the action. Things irrevocably change, however, once the dragons are introduced properly. Now we take huge leaps into fiction and have a key player that removes all realism from the series. Whenever an important battle is now taking place, you always have the nagging feeling that a giant dragon will come swooping in time travel saga set in scotland fry the duelling armies.

Outlander is set up in the opposite way. The huge leap of faith is taken in the first episode of the first series, when we see war nurse Claire Randall transported back in time from mid-twentieth century Scotland to the wilds of the eighteenth-century Highlands after touching a sacred stone. From this point, however, Claire is left to use her wits and skills to survive the harsh conditions she finds herself in.

Her actions are believable and grounded in reality. She displays enough of her more modern character to stand out, but not so much that she becomes some sort of deity.

The unexpected triumph of time-travelling, scottish romance

Of course, real-life battles and wars are an integral part of the plot. The scale of Game of Thrones — its sheer scope and rapid expansion — is to be applauded. The mythology and backstory are worthy of a spin-off of their own something which has recently been mootedand no one can deny the ambition with which the show opened.

It became apparent that until an endgame was in place, we would just keep on going.

We were now being introduced to characters that not only had little to do with the main story, but also had little to do with the people in the show that we actually cared about. Outlander is far more focused. She is essentially a prisoner, but is also there for her own protection.

Season two began in the opulence of eighteenth-century France. This was a visual shift, and the tone of the show also changed, but once again the focus was clearly on Claire and Jamie, as well as their passionate romance.

Forget game of thrones, outlander may well be the most captivating tv series of the year.

Claire is obviously a strong woman in a male-dominated society, but there is much more to her than that. The three central characters of Outlander all deliver staggeringly convincing performances. They interact wonderfully, and portray the brutal realities of the eras they occupy. The villainy of Black Jack is extreme, sadistic and horrifying, and yet also never merely done for the sake of shock.

Both Game of Thrones and Outlander thrive in putting major characters in desperately grim situations. They face violence, torture and unspeakable abuse on a regular basis. If you were asked, however, to pick out the central relationship or dynamic in GoTit would be impossible to narrow it down to less than a dozen or so characters. On one hand, that is a compliment — a rich and dense universe has been created for that very purpose. A great example of how Outlander has a more refined structure is in the evolution of Jamie Fraser.

Actor Sam Heughan would initially have been presented on the with a charming, lovable rogue of a character, but then also seen Jamie develop thanks to what he endures in season one. The repercussions of the abuse he suffers at the hands of Black Jack forge him. We see the effects of this in great detail thanks to the core emphasis on the main characters. Claire Randall also endures a great deal. When Caire and Jamie are on screen together, there is obvious magic. Again, there is obvious chemistry between a lot of the characters in Game of Thrones, and this is no criticism of them, but Outlander does it better.

Claire and Jamie are just that, two kindred spirits who defy the odds and find one another. They then face a myriad of complex moral and physical hurdles that challenge time travel saga set in scotland aspect of their relationship. The Scottish born actor was the first person cast in the show, and subsequently had a hand in picking who would play Claire. They did all these chemistry tests and I flew out to Los Angeles a few times and we tested there and in London.

She is a very good friend and extraordinary in the part. There is no denying the sedate pacing of large portions of Outlander.

Our holidays in scotland

Outlander is far more involving and as a result takes a while to acclimatise to. When it was on form, it was unbeatable, but the rush to get to ificant milestones and churn out episode after episode has seen a major drop in quality. In the meantime, Outlander has stolen a march on all its rivals. Season three promises more of the same with a very innovative twist we visited the set earlier this year, but are sworn to secrecy on the details.

Perhaps the recently released teaser trailer can explain better anyway….

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A transatlantic offering combining kilts, time travel and stirring romance in the Scottish Highlands is about to launch a spirited challenge to the reigning monarch of fantasy television drama, Game of Thrones.


Visit the last remaining single malt scotch whiskey distillery on the Black Isle and taste some of its splendour for yourself.