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Ula appears every bit a typical korgonne at first glance. An alert, curious mind gazes out from emerald eyes. Proudly upraised ears scoop up your every statement to later reflect upon. Pale blue lips too often harried by nervousness and woe smile happily at the sight of her savior. Heavy stone piercings dangle from the outer edges of her canine ears as well. Even now, the play of light across her more-than-ample E-cup breasts continues to tug your gaze lower.


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Open with Desktop View raw View blame. Used in korgiiCredits to know if vendors take credits. Undefined if not preggo. Chubby thighs and a tiny bit of squish Plush E cuparoonis. Curious about the outside world and for too long kept from it. Very susceptible to pheromones including her own - which are quite strongso she has been kept in relative seclusion from her people.

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Snuck out to go alien hunting The takes but a moment, yet the waiting seems to take forever. A quick software rollback should have them back to sounding like adorable savages once more.

Ula’s father

NPC ; if! Changing room names handled by the variableRoomUpdate check. Tribal art decorates the walls. Squared off, angular corners are hidden by woven blankets and intricate sculptures. Furniture not that dissimilar from your own has been replaced with baskets, stoneware, and crude metal bins. The only feature to survive the transition unharmed is the majestic, transparent aluminum window on the southern wall, looking out of across the deadly-beautiful snows of Uvetan countryside.

It seems to exist in an entirely different time period. One wall even has a transparent aluminum window, looking out over the deadly-beautiful Uvetan countryside. One is chasing the other with a gun-shaped piece of rock and making a crude approximation of gun sounds.

Was that one of yours? She smiles radiantly in your direction.

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She wears a strangely distant smile. She contents herself with a slow back-and-forth stroke of the gravid dome, seemingly beyond pleased to be a mother. Pregnancy hormones have apparently swollen her mound and her appetites right alongside her belly.

The same hormones that helped give her such a big, pregnant belly must be playing hell with her libido. She glances coyly at you from behind the yellowed s.

Ula’s father

In her hands, she clutches a piece of bone and works at it with a small knife. The partially-completed carving bears a passing resemblance to you. She sags with relief after recognizing you. When she hears you enter, she props herself up on her arms and smiles, happy to have your company.

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When she notices you, she sheepishly sets the snack aside and flashes a pretty smile. Cramped, alien script covers every inch of them. They look like ledgers of some kind. She hastily gathers them into a bundle at the sight of you, clearing space on the bed for whatever you might have in mind. Some appear to be pillaged toys from the core, while others are carefully carved from the raw materials available to the korgonne: mostly bone and stone.

The letters are english, not korgish.


She jumps at the sound of you and hastily slips it into a basket. From what you saw, the text looked pretty steamy At the sight of your entrance, her ears perk right up, and a slight smile spre across her features. To one side, a young messenger looks to her deferentially. Scribbled parchment crowds the wide stone desk. The lettering is in english, not korgish. At the sound of your entrance, she briefly peers up over it with a happy twinkle in her eye.

Once he finishes, she nods and dismisses him with a jewelry-jingling wave and a heavy sigh. Lips parted mid-moan, she squeaks at your sudden intrusion and rolls ass-over-head over the bed to fall heavily on the floor. You hold her there for a moment before letting her weight carry" ; output " you to the ground. Kisses pepper your nose. You can smell the arousal clinging to her fur, a rich aroma laced with hints of minty desire. Her scent is thick in the air, rich and feminine with a hint of minty desire.

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The dildo clutched in her paw is soaked in it, filling the air with her pheromonal secretions. You could say no, you guess. If you really wanted to. She smiles shyly at you, then places one paw over her netherlips, rubbing herself off with slow, sensuous presses of her padded palm.

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Her other hand slides the dildo against her inner thigh. Residual pussy-juice mats her fur down and thickens the scent of feminine need in the air.

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The plush-bodied slut is right there, jilling herself off to your naked body, and its all you can do not to jump on top of her and take her right then and there. Instead, you settle for letting your hands roam across your body, your fingertips teasing across your [pc.

You swivel your hips sensuously" ; if pc. Eyes no lie. The arousal-plumped folds part with ease as she feeds it in, mouth widening in mounting pleasure. Her hand reaches for her breasts in that moment and grabs hold of one, fingers sinking deep.

A fuzzy thumb stretches for a nipple, and upon finding it, circles it with quick, jerky strokes. The dildo bottoms out at the same time, prompting the lust-drunk korgonne to commence fucking herself with it, pumping it in and out with such forceful strokes that you can hear her cunt squelching from the self-administered pussy-pounding. Between the sight of that glossy dildo rocking her world and the earnest ardor in her eyes, staring back at you, the moment feels almost as tender as proper intercourse.

And on top of it all, the air is filled with the cloying, needful scent of her juicing cunt, triggering " ; if! Flecks of pussy-juice slobber over her thighs.

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Arching her back, the short, stacked puppy-girl keens high in the back of her throat, fingers scrabbling against a tit, and she cums. She cums so hard that her legs flail, toes reflexively clenching and unclenching. Your orgasm drags on for seemingly ever, long undulations of ecstasy that ebb and flow like gentle ocean waves. When your body can take no more, it stops as suddenly as started, and you collapse to the floor like a marionette with its strings cut, one hand idly toying with a " ; if!

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Any time you want. It powers up with a clack and a whir, then sets to vaporizing the contaminants from her fur. Steele clan. She beams" ; if pc. Is proper, us knowing other. Visiting again soon? Lots of breed. Make Ula big-tummy mommy. How fortunate that a second set of hands are there, easing you into nudity. I want you. Want you.

Thinkings of you.

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A cloud of pussy-scent radiates from it, tinging every breath with potent whiffs of fuckable, pheromonal cunt. One of her thighs quivers against your [pc. They just want to feel her tight channel stretching around your girth.

You mash your mouth to hers, kissing her feverishly. Her plump, blue lips are soft but press back just as hard. She wants it, and she wants it bad.

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Idly stroking a flowing beard, the former tribal leader stares back at you in the same way that you look at him.


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Shou did some lovely art of Paige that I gave her the go-ahead to finish up.