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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.


When the wife was about 3 months pregnant, we decided to start telling our siblings and some of our close friends about the baby my wife is carrying. We started with siblings and eventually made our way to telling our close friends and some other friends in the outer ring.

We mainly told everyone that we believe women have the right to choose who they wish to have children with, regardless of who they are married to. We also told them we think it is beautiful to have a mixed baby and it will have a bright future. She thinks is is somewhat empowering, refreshing, and beautiful, and loves that it makes us both happy. My Siblings are more along the lines of shocked. They are very confused as to why we are doing this, but they are supportive?

Well good. Finally, about a month ago we have told our parents, separately. Meaning we told her parents separate from telling my parents.

We told my parents first, because we wanted to get the worst out of the way. Although I will say it is not really as bad as we thought it would be. I thought it would have been way more yelling and way more things being thrown. How does this make sense to you? When we told her folks, it was much longer, but because her parents are very passive and kept to themselves. Her dad was the same type of confused as my mom was and hardly said anything.

Once it was all said and done, yes it was very awkward to leave both homes each time. Because yes, it is against the norm. It is against the tumblr interracial pregnancy. Any white couple who follows through with this lifestyle completely like we have will have some difficulties to face. This is one of them, and yes, it is awkward, but it is worth it. Hugging… or attempting to hug our parents bye after the visits was weird, null, void, and slightly empty. And for the first week and a half, we heard nothing from them. And finally, when we did it was a parent trying to reinstate that what they had heard a week earlier was actually true.

Finally, after a couple weeks and a few phone calls, it came down to them excepting it. I mean, they kind of had to. Neither sets of parents understand what we are doing, or why we are doing it.

Eventually they will just have to accept it, or just stop talking to us. I want to apologize, as there is something I meant to mention some time ago, but ultimately failed to due to unfortunate circumstances of a power outage. The first being, how there are many people on Tumblr, and other forums who have a grand misconception about this lifestyle.

Grant it there are many different variations of the cuckold lifestyle, tumblr interracial pregnancy, the one my wife and I live is a very specific one. It is one that involves bringing the life of another human being into this world. Yes, this lifestyle is very exciting and arousing, but it is not what many people here or in porn portray it to be. However, this is not real life. A pregnant woman cannot physically do a lot of the same things she would normal do of her pregnancy.

Often times, people who think this can be done do not understand the real-life implications of these actions. Often, these people view this lifestyle as a kink, or fantasy. My wife and I do not go for the whole humiliation thing. In fact, there are many black people who are not into the humiliation thing. We did not begin our journey in this lifestyle because of a dull sex life.

It in fact was quite the contrary. It was a great and amazing sex life. Our journey in this lifestyle though very sexy to watch is not all about sex. There is much more too it than just sex. I have our reasons written on our. I do not know why there are couples who practice this in their version of the lifestyle, but that is not my concern.

They do what they feel is best for them. I personally could not deal with that. That is not for us. I do not judge those who practice this, as everyone has their own reasons and thoughts behind what they do. And breed tumblr interracial pregnancy. I have never begun a conversation with a black man that way. But to begin a conversation this way, in a way that assumes that all white males will respond the same way is a false sense of reality.

I get it, there are sissies out there who eat that type of talk up.

And there are couples who thrive on that. Again, that is not the lifestyle I live. We still live in a world with laws and a structure, to think that you have let your thoughts and fantasies question reality is a little scary. No, my four-year-old daughter will not be doing any of that. If anything, we will live by example for both children. They will both be looked after and cared for properly.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They will be raised by a mother who of course supports and encourages the lifestyle we live. They will be raised to have good values and intentions, to always stand up for what they believe in, and to live a life that will better the world. Yes, they will be encouraged to live a life similar to ours, but we will not force them to do so. Now, with all that has been said I will say there is nothing wrong with anyone living, or fantasying about certain things with this lifestyle.

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Some are do-able, but some are also very questionable and very dangerous to pursue, so please be careful in how you interact, or it could prove otherwise fatal. I mean, as serious of a topic as this is it is still very arousing to me to talk about it to others. And it should be, otherwise it could be a real bore. And to know that another white male and I are both dedicating ourselves to staying sex free, while our wives sexually involve themselves with other men.

Not just involve but open themselves sexually in ways they would have never opened up with us, and then also too have children with these same men, while we knowingly watch, and will care for these children, and never have any of our own. What a thrill of satisfaction, relief, excitement, and arousal it all gives me. Which is why part of the reason why we wanted to start this. We wanted others too see the benefits of it all, and hopefully encourage, and strengthen others to at least try it. Tumblr interracial pregnancy other women who feel an immediate connection to you and come over and make conversation… Enjoy those conversations as the precious moments they are.

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Have the perfect excuse to slum about in slip-on flats, baggy tops and leggings… and maternity cloths. Food and motivation. It is important to listen to your cravings and for some women it seems like they can literally eat whatever they want. Pregnancy can help motivate you to watch what you eat, eliminate unhealthful habits, get plenty of rest and stay physically active.

How active you are and what your metabolic rate is will effect exact of calories you in take. Better body image Pregnancy brings countless changes to your body. Indulge in tumblr interracial pregnancy your hermit qualities…. Not entirely, obviously, I still have needs. However, this mostly refers to the first couple months, and the constant need to pee. Plus, what are husbands for? Watch and experience your body transform right in front of you as nature does its thing… and realize that nature and evolution combined with the right to choose is so much more powerful than one ever thought.

Adore the daily kisses and cuddles that my daughter gives the bump as she tells it that she loves it.

And realize that another gorgeous little thing like it is on the way! And I swear it seems like my nipples are bigger with this pregnancy, than my last one. Having a secret. For the first few months you might look like your same old self, but you know something that no one else does. Not only that, but the baby you are carrying is the baby you want.

Feeling special. I already feel special living the life I live. However, is there anything more special than creating life? Not just that, but a life you chose to make, a life that will make a difference and better society, and have a great future. There is simply no substitute for the wonder of feeling your child move inside you.

Ultrasounds and sonograms are wondrous but distant meetings with your unborn. Being taken care of. But sharing your body with your child provides an intimacy unmatched by any other tumblr interracial pregnancy. Appreciating my work colleagues, friends and other women who tell you how gorgeous and glowing you look.

Smiles from total strangers.