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  • What is my age:
  • 40
  • I love:
  • I prefer gentleman
  • Color of my eyes:
  • I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • My body type:
  • My body features is thin
  • Other hobbies:
  • Painting


Imagine my tying your head there, the pheromones entering your bloodstream as you struggle for escape. Nowhere to get leverage, your hands just slide along my silky skin, the same skin your face is pressed against. As you feel them chemically tying your brain in knots you fight more and more desperately. Your erection is surging, and in the midst of your escape you have to also keep from the contact with my legs making you cum helplessly.


You swore you could almost see her growing this time. Her lower half faster than her upper half. She lived in a cycle the past few days, one that she would surely repeat today.

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She would wake up, demand sex, almost painfully ride you in cowgirl position, grow, gorge herself on food, take a nap to let it all digest, grow, wake up and demand sex again, cowgirl once more it was her favorite positiongrow, and then sleep for an ungodly amount of time, slowly growing all throughout.

Just the other day she was a tiny little thing, no height or curves to speak of, but now here she was, taking up an entire queen-sized bed by herself, her hips and ass wider than her entire torso, her thighs thick and round. Would you two be able to agree on. Wooould weee? You swallowed, and mentally prepared yourself for another day of growth and the hottest and scariest sex of your life.

Am I doing it right? It had taken months to convince her to finally tumblr mom breasts sex but under one condition. Her mom has to be on facetime to make sure her daughter was doing things correctly. Now show off to him to get him hard. Just like the way I showed you. She nodded towards her mother before turning her attention to you. Rolling your eyes you were about to sit up and take things over but as you started to adjust her mother stopped you. Stop being so impatient. This is all about my sweet little daughter right now. It will be worth the wait.

As your head hit the pillow you felt a churning strong wave of vertigo course through you. You wanted to move but all you could hear was your girlfriends mother excited squealing. Looking towards your girlfriend for help you were met instead by two growing and increasingly jiggly breasts.

Even though the rest of you felt like it was in another dimension your eyes stayed transfixed on your girlfriends wobbling tits that filled more and more of her tank top. You could swear that it felt like she was getting further away too but you could still feel her sitting right on top of your dick.

Though she felt heavier… and getting even more heavy? Looking up at her though all you see was her enormous jiggling boobs threatening to escape her tank top. You could see her nipples desperately bouncing against the edge of her tank top trying to break free. Am I finally going to get my first one?

Each second her tits blocked off more of her face. Go for all of him! Your girlfriend seemed completely different as all you could was her eyes now past her melon sized tits. From her eyes it seemed like she was finally starting to enjoy this. She gave out a squeal of delight as she pushed her hips forward and now pulling your attention to her now barely contained pussy that hurtled straight towards your face.

You tried to say something before you were buried underneath her oven of a crotch. The last thing you would hear from your girlfriend was her asking her mother if it was alright to keep you inside her.

Please keep submitting things! Call me shameless and bury me with the dead but if anyone has any requests that want me to do then go ahead and shoot me a message. Or just shoot me. Invite me to your group chat so I can watch you talk about weird giantess stuff while I silently judge myself.

What day was it now? Not a single moment of rest even when tumblr mom breasts wife was asleep. Slowly you started to wake back up. There was some kind of heat radiating all around tumblr mom breasts. It was like there was an open oven in front of you but as you opened your eyes you were greated by two giant pillowy thighs that led your sight straight to a strained pair of pink panties. Continuing up there was her face, grinning wide and brightly all the way up at the ceiling. Try to survive! Have you ever bought a sex toy? If so, which one did you buy last? First sex toy? If not, which one do you plan on buying when you do?

Have you ever confessed to someone that you got an erection over them? What about masturbated to them? You met her at the convention you and your friends had gone too. Your friends were too interested in the actual con to see you move over to her. She was cute with her blue hair in a ponytail and thin figure fit perfectly for her school girl uniform.

After talking to her for some time you managed to convince her to come to your hotel room to show off some merch, both of you knowing exactly what you wanted. She nodded and followed you outside. Sitting down she ed you sitting down next to you.

It kinda slipped out seeing how cute you are. She giggled and left your hand there.

You obliged and closed your eyes. Wondering what she was doing you were about to open your eyes when you felt more weight start piling on your lap. You were already there but your member got harder as her thighs were now pressing on it from both sides. Megan then gave a gasp of surprise and jumped off of you.

This girl had two basketball sized tits that threatened to destroy the top that held them and this girl stood a full head above you. Dick at full mast and mouth stuck agape your mind was blank at what you saw.

Clearly not going to get anything she smirked and sighed. She grew when you thought of her being your perfect women. Pushing you inside you stumbled backwards into the bed. Dropping to her knees she flopped her giant boobs onto you, covering your entire lower half.

You answered with a heavy moan and making her grow yet another foot and making her already giant tits slide over your body growing bigger in size. You continued to make Megan bigger as you were lost in your horn crazed stupor.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You saw her head and back press up against the ceiling and you could swear you heard it start to crack apart. Lindsey had started working at this new bar in LA that seemed pretty cool. Right now she was only working for tips as the bar owner pretty much used all of his cash on his dream bar. He had promised Lindsay that just working here would be enough for now. It was a slow Tuesday night and Lindsay was the only person manning the bar for the night. Feeling more confident lately Lindsay had dressed in a tight leotard that her ass completely swallowed up.

Both of her massive cheeks on show her usual flow of tips were coming in from the regulars but someone new had just walked in. A C-list celebrity who was pretty active playboy walked in with his small entourage and took up one of tumblr mom breasts corners of the bar. Lindsay immediately noticing the flashy style of the group rushed over to them to start helping them. Moving back to the bar to make all of their drinks the playboy made his move on her following her back to the bar.

Not surprised if you have a lot of people know me. Gasping at the huge amount, or atleast huge to Lindsay, her body began tingling in what she thought as anticipation of more tips. Her body reacted differently as the bottom of her leotard was pulled tighter pulling the holes on the sides wider. Adam was surprised at her reaction but smirked at the challenge she showed. How about this? Mesmerized by the new amount Lindsay bit her lip and tried to keep calm. She was finding it difficult as the tingling across her body returned even stronger. That finally did it, as Lindsay lifted the black card up she bounced up a foot in height.

Adam backed up and rubbed his eyes not believing what he just saw.

Trying to crawl away Lindsay hit her head against the ceiling and recoiling in pain she was pulled off balance by her expanding ass and fell backwards onto Adam. Lindsay smiled as she continued expanding as the bar around her crumbled. This new protein should be just what she was looking for. When Gina got home she immediately made a shake and drank it all. Please work.

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