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  • What is my age:
  • I'm over fifty
  • What is my nationaly:
  • German
  • I can speak:
  • Russian
  • What I like to drink:
  • Liqueur
  • I like to listen:
  • I like blues


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He had invited you over for some videogames and chilling, it sounded like a good time. When you were getting up to the house you take your phone out and see a text from Micheal.

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You get his gate open and head in to walk up to the back. But something catches your eyes, micheal has a pool. Something splashes and rises out of the water. You and Todd both freeze as the figure emerges. Water dropping off her large breast and rolling down a nicely shaped body. You question it for a moment before it dawns on you. You look down at your own pants and notice your cock begin to show. You swing off your back pack and throw it over your crotch.

You move your bag for a minute to look down, your cock was fully stretching your pants and everytime you tried to think of anything else. It was a girl a few years older than you sipping tea, but the first thing you noticed, she was huge. Your eyes bulge out at the sight of her and you feel your cock twitch in your pants.

You feel like your throat has completely closed up, you can feel be of sweat dripping down your face and all you can hear is your heart beat in your ears. As Much as you try your eyes stay looked on her breast. Im sorry are they a little too exciting?

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You lean back onto the bathroom door as your cock sprays out. You honestly just…. You were getting gas with your wife before heading over to her parents house. Nonetheless you were waiting in the car as your wife was inside paying for the gas.

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You were absent mindedly looking around when you spot her. Leaning over her car her chest looked amazing. She was reaching for something across the seat and spilling out as she did it. Your eyes widen at the sight of the beautiful woman as you feel your cock gently push your pants up.

Your wife jumps in the car and imidiaetly you feel her hand shoot down to your crotch. She squeezes. You let out a small moan. She leans forward across the divider and peers out your window.

She notices the woman bent over in her car. She begins to mover her hand up and down your shaft. You feel your body tightening as you try not to admit to yourself how good this feels. She grabs your head and pushes it into the window. Turning it to make you look out. You feel your cock twitch at the sight of her. And everyone is gonna see it. Her smile growing wider as she feels your will begin to buckle. You try to think of something else, try to fight the urge but you can feel it coming. Your wife erupts into laughter as you twist in your seat. She removes her hands and sits back in her seat still laughing.

You rest your head on the steering wheel suddenly exhausted. Out of the corner of your eye you see the woman get in her car and drive away.

The local Church youth group was out for their monthly bowling trip. The boys of the group all shuffled in together the 7 of them being led by one of the workers Hitomi.

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She brought them to their lane and turned around. She faced them and all the boys awkwardly looked away.

None of them seemed to be able to manage to peek in her direction and maintain eye contact. Hitomi smiled at the boys as they awkwardly stood there. From their they set up to bowl. Hitomi darted back to the counter and whipped out her cell phone. She was sending a text to one of her friends. Those annoying youth group guys are here. You know the ones sho called you a slut that one day.

Anyways I brought them to their lane half of them almost pitched a tent, it was hilarious ; any ways if you come by you can totally fuck with them. Anna received the text while she was sitting on her couch at home. She smiled to herself before quickly getting up, changing and walking out the door towards the bowling alley. She strolled right passed and placed her self on the wall right by where they were playing. Anna turns off the wall hanging onto it with one hand for support.

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She reveals her outfit. A thin floral pattern dress that made no effort to hide her ample chest. A couple of the guys shifted in their seats uncomfortably already feeling the effects of a beautiful woman. Anna moves further off the wall and closer to the group of boys, now squatting between them and their lane. One of the guys in particular looks down at the table when she mentioned masturbation. Masturbation is a major sin! Anna pauses pretending to think to herself. She stands up and leans on the pins potter.

Her chest bounces as she leans forward. The boys sitting down all shuffle in their seats.

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One of them crosses his legs and another leans over to cover his crotch. Jared still stands straight up but his face was begginging to turn bright red. In one quick motion Anna swings her leg over the machine and props her body on top of it. She leans forward using her arms to push her chest out. They knew their cocks were all stiff and with any motion Anna could push them over the edge. The one boy who had already finished qgot up and all but ran away to the bathroom.

Cumpants city

Jared looked around embarrassed. All of his friends were done for. Anna placed her hands on the machine leaning more forward. The boys eyes widened. Jared finally threw his hands over his crotch.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Two more boys let out a groan and keeled over in their seats. Anna laughed more before sitting back up. Other patrons at the bowling alley were looking over at this point. Most of them giggling at the boys inability to control themselves.

A few of the men watching were hiding their own tents, courtesy of Anna, and a few of the teenage girls were filming the whole thing. Anna decided to go all the way with this. She wanted everyone of these losers have to walk home with cum in their pants.

She brought her hands to her dress and got ready for the finally. One more boy lost his load just at the thought of what she was about to do. All that as left was Jared and two others. Anna pulled her dress down and squeezed her now barely covered breast together. The last two boys at the table both grabbed onto the legs of their pants as they felt the cum rocket out of their bodies.

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