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The playable characters, in this part of the stage, are Bilbo Baggins and the dwarf Dwalin. Select the dwarf and start smashing the surrounding objects. Destroying the porch will allow you to find the key that you need to pick up and use on the door. After you walk into the next part of the hut, go ahead. Keep destroying the objects located on the right and hold down the appropriate key to fix the fragment of the floor. You can now approach, from the left, the cabinet that is blocking your passage.

Make sure that you are playing as Dwalin and that you have the Dwalin's Warhammer equipped.

Install instructions

Press the action button to hit the obstacle, thanks to which it will move to the right. Now, you are going to watch a short cutscene of the appearance of Balin in the hut, where cutting to him is not necessary. Walk into the room that used to be inaccessible, on the left, where there are more elements to destroy.

I recommend that you do not skip this step, because you are going to need new supplies, soon.

Cross the living room and another, smaller, room, thanks to which you will reach the dining room. Destroying one of the cupboards will unlock the building option so, hold down the appropriate key.

Note - If you do not have sufficient supplies, return to the locations in Bilbo's hut you did not manage to explore one of them, after Balin appeared and explore them thoroughly. The next step is the building of the kitchen table and this is a minigame that you have unexpected party z walkthrough played, in the stage.

Just like earlier, you need to search out, and add, the objects displayed by the game, on the building site. The value of the reward depends on how well you did. After you watch another cutscene, you will gain control over two new characters - Kili and Fili. Select Kili and make sure that you have Kili's Bow equipped. Aim at the interactive target shown in the above screenshot. If you manage to hit it, meat will fall onto the ground. Pick up the meat and walk over to the dining room, stand at the table and give it to the guests.

Return to the pantry and destroy the objects in the part farther away. Find the pitches and cheese here, collect both of these you can deliver them to the dwarves one by one and return to the dining room with each. The final part of this short stage starts at the moment, at which the will arrive the largest party, at Bilbo's hut. You will have to play a little dancing minigame here. If you want to gain the maximum amount of points, you always need to wait, until the dancer on the screen, is highlighted, for a fraction of second an example in the above screenshot.

Press the correct key only when this happens. The minigame will take several tens of minutes, after which, the stage summary screen will appear.

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Walkthrough, Collectibles, Maps. Table of Contents. You need to pick up the key and use it on the door.

The spot where you push the obstacle. The dining room. If you are missing some supplies, try searching in Bilbo's hut. In the pantry, there also are a pitcher and cheese.

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Introduction 1. The storyline 2. Middle-Earth and its exploration 3.

Interaction with the environment 4. Enemies and other dangers 5.

Cooperation 6. Studs Coins 7. Resources Loot 8.

Minigames 9. Collectibles Introduction Controls.

Main Stages - Collectibles. Middle Earth - Side missions.

Introduction White question marks - map White question marks - walkthroughs for quests White question marks - walkthroughs for quests White question marks - walkthroughs for quests White question marks - walkthroughs for quests White question marks - walkthroughs for quests White question marks - walkthroughs for quests Red question marks.

Middle Earth - Schematics. Map Schematics locations Schematics locations Achievements System Requirements. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .

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