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The Feminist Porn Boo k brings together producers, actors, consumers, and scholars of feminist pornography. Addressing the fraught history of pornography, the rise of the anti-porn movement, and the ubiquity of porn in society, this comprehensive collection identifies the importance of porn made for and by feminists. That the choices, experiences, and consequences of women's sexual lives became fodder for such poorly informed national 'conversations' is evidence of the pressing need for thoughtful, sex-positive scholarship which centers on women's sexual agency. The Feminist Porn Book is just such a contribution, and I predict this volume is going to find its way onto the bedside tables of young poirn generations of American women. This volume brings together academics, activists, and porn entrepreneurs who have a startling array of interactions with pornography as an experience, a business, and a field of inquiry.


A single young man who was found to develop severe headaches five minutes into watching pornographic videos has been reported by researchers from India in the journal Archives of Behavior.

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The year old professional, whose headaches were described as exploding holocranial headacheshad been complaining of porn-linked head pains for over two years, the authors added. In most cases, his pain became so intense that he could no longer watch the video. The young man had no history of diabetes or hypertension high blood pressure.

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As a means of avoiding the severe headaches, the man started to refrain from watching the videos. He had no symptoms of vomiting, nausea or phonophobia dislike of loud sounds — classic symptom of migraine. There was no history of any head injury or meningoencephalitis when he was a young .

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The researchers said the patient had never suffered any headaches linked to sexual intercourse or masturbation — his problem only occurred when he watched pornographic videos. There was no family history of migraine, no personal medical history that might be suggestive of migraine, tension type or exertional headache headache as a result of straining or exertion.

MRI magnetic resonance imaging scans of his brain came back normal.

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The researchers advised him to take paracetamol Tylenol, acetaminophen mg plus ibuprofen mg thirty minutes before watching pornographic videos. Kuljeet Singh Anand explained that headaches linked to sexual activity are rare.

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Sometimes, pre-orgasmic headache may be associated with space-occupying lesions. What made this case unusual was that the man was getting headaches from watching pornography and not from sexual intercourse or masturbation. He was becoming aroused but experiencing no release — whether this fact might explain the severe headaches, the researchers are not sure.

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Experts believe that simple arousal may, in some people trigger changes in nerve sensitivity, muscle tension and bloodflow in the brain which may alter pain perception. In most cases, headaches linked to certain activities, such as sex or exercise can be treated with painkillers. Sometimes, however, they may be a of a tumor or aneurysm not the case with this man.

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The trigeminovascular system is made up of neurons in the tregeminal nerve that supply the blood vessels in the brain with nerves. Some experts believe that the trigeminovascular system may play a role in some types of headaches.

Head deep facial and trigeminal nerves. Here, learn about the causes, including the possible link with vaccines, and more.

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Seizures in babies are due to a burst of electrical activity in the brain. They can sometimes be hard to identify.

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Learn more about the s here. Written by Christian Nordqvist on June 30, Latest news Scientists translate brain waves of paralyzed man into words.

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Foods that boost metabolism: What does the science say? Related Coverage. What to know about seizures in babies.

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A survey commissioned by Refuge found that 1 in 14 adults in England and Wales have experienced threats to share intimate images or videos — equivalent to 4.


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